Reeves, James (c1790 ? - ?)

James Reeves

Reeves, James


Father: Unknown

Birth: after 1790
Birth Source: Listed as 30-39 in the 1830 census

Death: Unknown
Death Source:



In the 1830 census of Prince William County, Virginia, there were two unidentified James Reeves listed. The older James was approximately 10 years older that this individual.

This James Reeves was listed as the head of a household that included 2 males 5-9, 1 male 30-39, 2 females <5, 6 females 5-9 and a wife 20-29. The number of children 5-9 has to be an error by the census taker as it is physically impossibly to have had 8 children born within this 4 year period or at the least, extremely unlikely.

This person most probably left the area before the 1840 census was taken for he is not found in the Prince William records again nor is a widow of the proper age to be his wife.


1830 Census - Prince William County, Virginia
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