Reeves, Jesse (c1740 ? - ?)

Jesse Reeves

Reeves, Jesse


Father: Unknown

Birth: c1740
Birth Source: Adult when listed as 1763 taxpayer in Bladen County, North Carolina

Death: Unknown
Death Source:



Jesse Reeves is first recorded in Bladen County, North Carolina when he and Edward Reeves are listed as taxpayers there in 1763.

He received a warrant for 150 acres on the Brown Marsh Swamp in Bladen County, entered on April 26, 1768. A cryptic notation on the reverse side of this warrant states "Warantee ran away". The grant does not appear to have been completed as there is no survey included in the file.

The earliest Reeves found in this area to date is a Robert Reeves recorded as a taxpayer in 1742 but whether Jesse Reeves found in Bladen as a taxpayer in 1763 is a descendant of Robert Reeves is unknown.

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1763 Tax List of Bladen County NC
North Carolina, Land Grant Files, 1693-1960, scanned copies of original documents online at Ancestry.com