Reeves Joshua (c1777 SC - c1855 AL)

Joshua Reeves

Reeves, Joshua


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Birth: 1777, South Carolina
Birth Source: 1850 Census of Tallapoosa County, Alabama

Death: c. 1855, Tallapoosa Co., AL
Death Source: Estate Package

Spouse1: Jemima MNU


Children of Joshua Reeves and Jemima MNU:
  1. Lavina Reeves, b. c. 1798, GA, m. John L. Evans on 4 December 1811, Jasper Co., GA.
  2. Lurena Reeves, b. c. 1802, GA, m. James Crosson on 14 March 1824, Fayette Co., GA.
  3. Bethenia Reeves, b. c. 1804, GA, m. William Pike.
  4. Lucretia Reeves, b. c. 1813, GA, m. Irby Chancey.
  5. Unknown Son, m. Serilda MNU.
  6. Andrew J. Reeves, b. c. 1816.

Joshua Reeves appears on the 1802 Lincoln Co., GA, tax list as a defaulter. He was taxed with 15 acres of land. He also registered for the 1805 Georgia Land Lottery in Lincoln County. Since the requirement for registration was three years' residence in the state, this is consistent with his having been taxed there in 1802. District F (see F. P. Hudson, An 1800 Census for Lincoln County)"encompassed land in 1801 bounded on the east by the Savannah River and extending westward to include the Lincoln Courthouse (Lincolnton)." It, along with District CF (which formed its northern border) included land on the waters of Mill Creek. District F also included land on Soap Creek. Hudson notes that "Barksdale's Ferry crossed the Savannah River from South Carolina into District F." Also taxed in this district in 1801 and 1802 was John Crosson; this may be significant since Joshua Reeves's daughter Lurena married James Crosson.

On 4 January 1809, Joshua Reeves sold land in Jasper Co., GA, to his future son-in-law John L. Evans. The land was located in Murder Creek. Joshua was described as of Randolph County (which became Jasper County) at the time. The land was LL 224, LD 16. It had been granted to Jacob Moore. (Jasper Co., GA, DB 3, pp. 93-94.)

Joshua Reeves was enumerated in Walton Co., GA, in 1820. His household included two males under age 10, one male over age 45, one female aged 0-10, one female aged 10-16, and one female aged 26-45. Joshua also owned two male slaves and one female slave. Four lines above Joshua Reeves was enumerated William Pike, whose household consisted of only one male and one female aged 16-26. The Pikes owned no slaves. Seven lines above William Pike appeared an older John Pike, and three lines above him appeared one John Evans, possibly Joshua Reeves's son-in-law of the same name.

Little is known of Joshua Reeves after his appearance in the 1830 census of Fayette County, Georgia. In that census his household is listed as follows: 1 Male 15-19, 1 Male 50-59; 1 Female 15-19, 1 Female 50-59.

In 1850, a Joshua Reeves of the same age is recorded in Tallapoosa County, Alabama with wife Jemima and appears to be the same person. There are several other younger Reeves individuals living in Tallapoosa County at that time but no known connection.

Jemima Reeves's petition for dower in Joshua Reeves's estate was filed in Tallapoosa Co., AL, in 1856. The heirs at law of Joshua Reeves were identified as Lurana Evans, Lurena Crosson, Bethany Pike (wife of William Pike of Randolph Co., AL), Lucretia Chancy (wife of Irby Chancy of Coffee Co., AL), Columbus L. Reeves of Chambers Co., AL, and Andrew J. Reeves of Tallapoosa Co., AL, all of full age. Columbus L. Reeves was apparently Joshua Reeves's grandson; his mother, Mrs. Serilda Reeves, had married William Edge in Chambers County, Alabama, in 1837.


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