Reaves, Moses (1768 VA - 1850 TN)

Moses Reeves

Reaves, Moses


Father: John Reaves, Sr.
Mother: Elizabeth Fox

Birth: 1768, Virginia
Birth Source: John Reaves Probate

Death: Apr 1850, Greene County, Tennessee
Death Source: Mortality Schedule

Spouse1: Sarah Gibson, m. 5 Nov 1796 in Greene County, Tennessee, security George Jameson


Children of Moses Reaves and Sarah Gibson:
  1. Alexander Reaves
  2. Sarah Reaves, m. John Morris
  3. Nancy Reaves
  4. Betsy Reaves
  5. Mary Polly Reaves, m. Isaac Black in 1839
  6. Peggy Reaves
  7. John M. Reaves

The entire family of Moses Reaves were involved in a court case in 1828 and following. Moses Reaves assumed the costs of the case for members of his family.


Death:      1850 Mortality Schedule

1830 Census:  Greene County, Tennessee
1840 Census:  Greene County, Tennessee

Greene County, Tennessee Court Minutes 1828-1829