Reeves, Susan (c1808 TN - )

Reeves, Susan G.

Reeves, Susan G.


Father: Elisha Reeves
Mother: probably Keziah Berry

Birth: c1808, Tennessee
Birth Source: Census

Death Source:

Spouse1: Nathaniel M. Felts


Children of Nathaniel M. Felts and Susan G. Reeves:
  1. William Felts, b. c1827, Tennessee
  2. Joseph J. Felts, b. c1828, Tennessee
  3. Mary A. Felts, b. c1830, Tennessee
  4. Eliza Ann Felts, b. 31 Oct 1832, Tennessee, m. Mr. Morris
  5. James E. Felts, b. c1834, Tennessee
  6. Martha Felts, b. c1836, Tennessee
  7. Nathaniel M. Felts, b. c1838, Tennessee
  8. Francis Felts, b. c1840, Tennessee
  9. Thomas Felts, b. c1842, Tennessee
  10. George Felts, b. c1844, Tennessee
  11. Susan Felts, b. c1847, Tennessee


Census:      1850 Census -Robertson Co., Tennessee
                   1860 Census - Robertson Co., Tennessee