Revis, Thomas (1775 NC - 1851 NC)

Thomas Revis

Revis, Thomas


Father: George Reavis
Mother: Sarah Pearson

Birth: 26 Jan 1775, North Carolina
Birth Source: Document written by wife Mary Reavis with dates of birth of Thomas and all of his children. 1850 Census of Buncombe County, North Carolina

Death: 1851, Madison County, North Carolina
Death Source: Letters of Admin. granted Spring Court 1852

Spouse1: Mary Roberts


Children of Thomas Revis and Mary Roberts were:
  1. Sally Revis, b. 13 Mar 1799, m. Buckner White
  2. Emilia Revis, b. 19 Jul 1802
  3. Rebecca Revis, b. 1 Jun 1803
  4. Benjamin Revis, b. 10 May 1804, m. Melissa Eastep
  5. Nancy Revis, b. 7 May 1806
  6. George T. Revis, b. 25 May 1810
  7. William Namon Revis, b. 25 Jan 1814, m. Fanny
  8. Elizabeth Revis, b. 9 Dec 1816
  9. Rachel Revis, b. 28 Aug 1818
  10. Robert W. Revis, b. 2 Jan 1822, m. Ellen Coates.
Buncombe Co, NC May 1813 Term
State of NC vs Thomas Reavis and Betsey Massey
Thomas Reavis charged, Betsey Massey not charged

Indictment Fornication & Adultery Pleas Not Guilty
Jury _ & Charged as to Thomas Reavis

Jury: Samuel Davidson, Henry Rowland, John Bessle (?),
David Huey, Eas Shocolds (?), John McFarland, Abraham
Dellingham, James Rutherford, Purnal Wrathbone, William
Trammel, David Haddis, James Gudger

Find the defendant Thomas Reavis guilty in manner and form as
charged in this bill of Indictment. Court fined the defendant
L.% ordered in custody til the fine and fees be paid. John
Bogart, William Roberts, George Revis security for fine
and fees.
Apparently Massey was Betsy's maiden name, she was not married to a Massey, but was mistress to Thomas Revis. Over the period of 1811 to 1833, Thomas Revis and Betsy Massey had the following children although he was simultaneously married to Mary:
  1. Levina Massey, b. 7 Feb 1811
  2. Hester Massey, b. 5 Aug 1813
  3. Mary Massey, b. 30 Dec 1814
  4. Sintha Grzele R. Massey, b. 13 Nov 1816
  5. Thomas Henderson Massey, b. 1 Sep 1818
  6. Edith Eliza Massey, b. 9 Nov 1820
  7. James Allen Massey, b. 28 Mar 1823
  8. Davis Doyle Massey, b. 6 Apr 1825
  9. Lucyann Matilda Massey, b. 27 Feb 1827
  10. Samuel T. C. Massey, b. 28 May 1829
  11. Andrew J. Massey, b. 20 Feb 1831
  12. Jane Lekah Harriet Massey, b. 21 Nov 1833

Thomas Revis appeared on pg. 187 on the 1800 Buncombe County, North Carolina Census. In July of 1805, he appeared as a constable with one George Revis as one of his securities in the Buncombe County Court minutes. He was recorded on pg. 259 of the 1810 Buncombe County Census. From 1818 through 1835 he appeared as a grantee in multiple deeds in on Flat Creek, Big Ivy and Bull Creek. He appeared on p. 92 of the 1820 Buncombe Co. N.C. Census, and p. 144 of the 1840 Buncombe Co., N.C. Census. In Buncombe County, both he and Mary at ages 75 and 73 were still living and recorded in the 1850 census.

In the Buncombe Co., N.C. Court minutes of October 7, 1841 when Buckner
White's widow Sally relinquished her claim as administrator of the estate of her deceased husband, the court appointed her father, Thomas Reavis, as administrator and her brothers George L. Reavis and James B. Reavis were security for Thomas.

In the spring term of 1852, the Minutes of Madison County, North Carolina Court of Please and Quarter Sessions record that letters of administration on Thomas Revis' estate were granted to James R. Roberts who appeared in open court who tendered bond in the sum of five hundred dollars, with Robert Revis and William Revis as securities.

Thomas Revis was buried in an old cemetery on the Zeno Ponder property in Madison County, North Carolina.

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