Rives, John (c1780 VA - ? NC)

Rives, John

Rives, John


Father: Thomas Rives
Mother: Mary Edwards

Birth: c1776-1780, Virginia
Birth Source: Census

Death Source:



Children of John Rives:
  1. John Rives

The 1810 census shows John with two sons under 10 along with a daughter under 10. In 1820, he had two sons under 10, one 10-15, along with two daughters under 10 and one 10-15. In 1830, he had two sons 5-10 and two 15-20 along with two daughters 10-15.

There was a John Rives who married a Nancy Brooks 20 May 1811 in Chatham County (Ancestry - NC Marriage Index). If this was the same individual, it must have been a second marriage.

There is a Power of Attorney from 1835 in which John made James Headen his attorney in dealing with the property of his deceased son John held in Butler or Talladega counties in Alabama.


1810 Census:  Chatham County, North Carolina
1820 Census:  Chatham County, North Carolina
1830 Census:  Chatham County, North Carolina

1835 Power of Attorney - John Rives- Calhoun County, Alabama, Probate Box 8, Folder 42