Rives, John Eldridge (c1810 VA - 1870s)

Rives, John Eldridge

Rives, John Eldridge


Father: George Rives
Mother: Martha "Patsy" Goodwin

Birth: c1810, Virginia
Birth Source: Census

Death: 1870-1880
Death Source: Census

Spouse1: Virginia Lewis, m. 2 Sep 1841, Sussex County, Virginia


Children of John Eldridge Rives and Virginia Lewis:
  1. Ann Virginia Rives, b. c1848
  2. William G. Rives, b. c1853
  3. Georgianna Rives, b. c1855
  4. Mattie L. Rives, b. c1863
  5. Jane Rives

From Reliques of the Rives:
John Eldridge Rives married Virginia Lewis and resided "at the old Rives' homestead, Sussex county, where his father is buried with his second wife." Of his five children, the compiler is informed of the name of only one, the others having died probably in infancy.

Ann, William G., and Georgianna are listed in the household in 1860. Son William appears to have never married as he was still living with his mother and sister Ann in 1900.

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