Rives (Reeves), Nathan (1778 NC - aft 1760 AL)

Nathan Rives

Rives, Nathan


Father:William Rives
Mother: probably Anna MNU

Birth: c1778, North Carolina
Birth Source: 1827 Will of William Rives and 1850 Census for year of birth

Death: after 1860, Jackson County, Alabama
Death Source: Deceased before 1870 when widow Sarah is listed in the household of son James B. Reeves.

Spouse1: Sarah "Sallie" Bridgeman


Children of Nathan Rives and Sarah Bridgeman:
  1. Unknown Male Child, born 1800-1810
  2. Unknown Male Child, born 1800-1810
  3. Susan Jane Reeves, b. 1811 GA, d. 1889 AL
  4. Jesse Jefferson Reeves b. 1813
  5. Unknown Male Child, born 1810-1815
  6. Edmond Edward Polk Reeves, b. 1815
  7. Unknown Male Child, born 1815-1820
  8. John Reeves, b. 1824 TN
  9. Unknown Female Child, born 1820-1825
  10. Sarah Jane Reeves b. c1827
  11. Unknown Male Child, born 1825-1830
  12. James Bridgeman Reeves b. c1829
Listing of children includes currently unidentified children listed on census in 1830 and 1840.

Nathan and his brother Edmond Rives are both listed on the Georgia Tax Digest of Greene County, 1804-1806.

This would appear to be the Nathan Reeves/Reives listed in the Williamson County, Tennessee tax lists for 1812 and 1813.

On the 4th of October, 1830 Nathan Rives executed a deed of trust to Lewis Tarwater and William Greenlee for a tract of land on Sweetens Creek containing 155 acres lying in Marion County, Tennessee. The deed was proven in Franklin County Court and registered on 18 October 1832. [Deed Book C, Page 79-81]

Nathan Rives deeded 25 acres on the waters of Battle Creek in Marion County to John Towry on the 18th Mar, 1839. [Deed Book D, p. 150]

Based upon the listing for Nathan Reaves in the 1830 census of Marion County, Tennessee, there are still several unidentified children. The household was recorded as containing - 2 males under 5 (1825-1830, James Bridgeman and one unknown), 1 male 5-10 (1820-1825, John), 2 males 10-15 (1815-1820, Edmond E. P. and one unknown), 2 males 15-20 (1810-1815, Jesse and one unknown), 2 males 20-30 (1800-1810, both unknown), 1 male 50-60 (HOH -Nathan, born 1778), 1 female under 5 (1825-1830, Sarah Jane), 1 female 5-10 (1820-1825, unknown), 1 female 40-50, (Sarah Bridgeman) and 1 female 70-80 (probably mother-in-law and mother of Sarah Bridgeman).

The 1840 census of Marion County, Tennessee records the household of Nathan Reaves as containing 1 male 10-14 b. 1826-1830, 1 males 15-19 b. 1821-1825, 4 males 20-29 b. 1811-1820, 1 male age 60-69 (b. 1771-1780), 1 female 10-14 b. 1826-1830, 1 female 15-19 b. 1821-1825, 1 female age 50-59 (b. 1781-1790). The census also notes that one member of the household aged 14-24 was deaf which coincides with the 1850 Alabama census which lists John Reeves, born c1824, as being deaf.

A plat of the northeastern portion of Alabama which includes Jackson and Cherokee counties, shows members of this family with tracts of land based upon a survey of 1839. Listed on the attached plat are Edward, Jesse, Nathan and James B. Reeves.

Nathan Reeves has not been found in the 1850 federal census, but he is listed in the Alabama Census of that year in Cherokee County. His nephew Nathan Reeves and John S. Reeves believed to be his son, living in the next residence, are also recorded on the US Federal census of 1850 in Cherokee County.

On the 25th of May 1847, a Nathan Reeves was commissioned as a Justice of the Peace for Cherokee County, Alabama. Both Nathan Rives (born c1780) and his nephew Nathan Reeves (born 1808) the son of Edmond Rives were recorded as living in Cherokee County in the 1850 census but there is no indication on the citation as to the age of the individual. [Vol. 3 Pg. 100 of Civil Register County Officers of Alabama]

Again in the 1860 census of Jackson County, Alabama, Nathan and wife Sallie are listed as the sole occupants of their household which is located next neighbor to John Reeves with wife Martha and their children and living in close proximity in that census only a few households away is Elizabeth Reeves, who appears to be the wife of Nathan Reeves, born 1808, but he is not listed in the household.

Nathan died before 1870 for his widow Sarah, is recorded living with son James B. Reeves in the census of that year.

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