Ryves, John ( - c1673)

Ryves, John

Ryves, John


Father: George Ryves
Mother: Unknown

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Death: c1673
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From Reliques of the Rives:
John Ryves of Damory Court, co. Dorset, is shown by Foster to have matriculated at Queen's College, Oxford, 18 November 1650, as "John Ryves, armiger"; student of Middle Temple, 1651 (as son and heir of George Ryves of Damory, Dorset, esq.); "the last of the Damory line." It was no doubt to this John Ryves that a commission was issued mongst others in 1668 to execute the late Act of Parliament for raising £310,000 by a tax on wines et cetera in the counties of Hants, Dorset and Wilts (Cal. State Papers, 1668). In 1672 he was appointed one of the Deputy Lord Lieutenants of the county of Dorset (Cal. State Papers, 1672), and, dying some time in or before 1673, letters of administration were granted on July 29th of that year to "George Ryves (father's), sisters son and next of kin of John Ryves, late of Damery Court in co. Dorset, bachelor" (P. C. C. Admn. Act Book, July 29, 1673, fol. 88).

"Last of the Damory line"might well be his epitaph for he died childless, the head of the house of Ryves. As a consequence, Damory Court was, after five generations, reunited with Ranston, through the marriage of his heir-at-law, his father's sister, Elizabeth Ryves, with George Ryves of Ranston, her second cousin.


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