Ryves, John (1513 UK - 1549 UK)

Ryves, John

Ryves, John


Father: Robert Ryves
Mother: Joan

Birth: c1514, Dorset, England
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death: c1549, Dorset, England
Death Source: Reliques of the Rives

Spouse1: Amye Harvey


According to Childs, "Hutchins states that he married Amye Harvey, of Tarent Launceston, and left issue:"

John Ryves is described as being of Damary Court. According to Henry VIII Musters (an inventory of weaponry in the possession of the English population), which was completed in 1542, lists John as 'Jn Ryvys at Damercourt' and of owning 'harness for 2 men horse'. This would seem to indicate that John was living at Damary Court, probably as a tenant, some seven years before his father purchased it. John pre-deceased his father Robert and therefore his son John became heir to his grandmother, Robert's widow Joan.

Children of John Ryves and Amye Harvey:
  1. John Ryves, b. 24 June 1536
  2. Mary Ryves, b. c1538; m. William Aden, alias Barbett, of Dorchester, draper
  3. Margaret Ryves, b. c1540; m. 11 Dec. 1559, Richard Lawrence, of Steepleton
  4. Jane Ryves, b. c1542; m. Thomas Sydenham, of Wynford Eagle
  5. Robert Ryves, b. c1544; d. 1576
  6. Richard Ryves, b. c1547
  7. Thomas Ryves, b. c1549


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