Campbell County, Tennessee

Campbell Co., TN

Campbell County, TN


The settlement of Campbell County was begun some time not far from 1795, and for several years it was restricted mainly to that portion to the east of the mountains, all of which was included in Henderson County's grant.

Campbell County was created by an act of the General Assembly, passed September 11, 1806 from Anderson and Claiborne Counties. It was named in honor of Col. Arthur Campbell (1743-1811). Col. Campbell was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses and an officer during the Revolutionary War.

It is traversed by the Cumberland Mountains on the east side of which, extending the entire length, is Powell's Valley, one of the finest agricultural sections of the State. On the opposite side of the mountains is another extensive valley, but one not so fertile. Its geological formation is much the same as that of Roane and Anderson Counties, and consequently it has an abundance of coal and iron.

Modern Day Adjacent Counties

It is bounded on the east by Claiborne and Union Counties, and on the west by Scott County.

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