Giles County, TN

Giles Co., TN

Giles Co., TN


The Tennessee General Assembly created Giles County in 1809 from land once part of North Carolina. Andrew Jackson suggested the name "Giles" to the legislature in recognition of the strong support Congressman William Branch Giles had given to Tennessee in the successful bid for statehood in 1796. Since Indian treaties had not been finalized, settlers were not permitted to move onto their land until 1806.

Pulaski was designated the county seat and a courthouse erected on a square in the center of the county in 1811.

The location of Giles County on the Nashville and Decatur Railroad made it a center of activity during the Civil War. Though no major battle was fought within its boundaries, the county fell into Federal hands after the battle of Fort Donelson and was occupied by Union troops for several years.
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