Amelia Co., VA

Amelia Co., VA


Amelia County was established in 1735 from parts of Prince George and Brunswick counties. The County is named for Princess Amelia of Great Britain, daughter of King George II. Twice Amelia County was reduced in size to form newer counties; in 1754, Prince Edward County was formed from parts of Amelia County, and in 1789, NottowayCounty was formed. Source: Wikipedia

Amazingly the Amelia County records survived the Civil War. According to legend, they were saved in April, 1865 because Federal General George Custer, of Little Big Horn fame, placed a guard over the Amelia County Clerk's Office with orders that all records be preserved. Source: http://www.ameliava.com/history.htm

Modern Day Adjacent Counties

Amelia County is bordered by Powhatan County to the north, Chesterfield County to the northeast, Dinwiddie County to the southeast, Nottoway County on the south, Prince Edward County in the southwest and Cumberland County in the west.

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