Franklin County, Virginia

Franklin Co., VA

Franklin Co., VA


A few colonists moved into the area before the American Revolutionary War, but most settlement happened afterward, as people moved west seeking new lands. Cultivation of tobacco had exhausted soils in the eastern part of the state. The county was formed in 1785 from parts of Bedford and Henry counties. It was named for Benjamin Franklin. The Piedmont and backcountry areas were largely settled by Scots-Irish, who were the last major immigrant group from the British Isles to enter the colonies before the Revolutionary War. There were also migrants from coastal areas, including free people of color, who moved to the frontier to escape racial strictures associated with the slave society of Virginia.
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Modern Day Adjacent Counties

Bedford County — northeast
Pittsylvania County — southeast
Henry County — south
Patrick County — southwest
Floyd County — west
Roanoke County — northwest

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