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Iowa (IA)

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Native Americans in the United States resided in what is now Iowa for thousands of years. The written history of Iowa begins with the proto-historic accounts of Native Americans by explorers such as Marquette and Joliet in the 1680s. Until the early 19th century Iowa was occupied exclusively by Native Americans and a few European traders, with loose political control by France and Spain.

Iowa became part of the United States of America after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Beginning in the 1830s Euro-American settlements appeared in the Iowa Territory, U.S. statehood was acquired in 1846, and by 1860 almost the entire state was settled and farmed by Euro-Americans.
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Modern day county map https://www2.census.gov/geo/maps/general_ref/stco_outline/cen2k_pgsz/stco_IA.pdf

Modern Day Adjacent States

Iowa is bordered by the Mississippi River on the east, with Wisconsin and Illinois on the far bank. The State of Missouri is to the south. Nebraska and South Dakota lie to the west and Minnesota to the north.

County Information

See Wikipedia for modern day county information https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_counties_in_Iowa

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