Reeves, George (1716 VA - 1803 TN)


Reeves, George


Father: Rives, Thomas
Mother: Bishop, Hannah?

Birth: 1716, Brunswick, VA
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives and family bible of Elizabeth Garland Pack

Death: 19 Feb 1803, Davidson County, TN
Death Source:

Spouse1: Jordan, Mary?


On page 322, Reliques of the Rives. Person id is 1922.

Born in Brunswick Co Virginia in 1716 or 1722 (per family bible records), George Reeves married Mary Jordan and moved to Northampton County, NC by 1754, then to Johnston Co NC by 1764, and then to the Watauga settlements.

George and family accompanied daughter Charlotte and her husband James Robertson to the Watauga settlements, now Washington Co TN. George and Mary and some of their sons then moved to Pendleton District SC and rejoined the rest of the family in Nashville starting around 1795.

George died in Nashville, Davidson Co, TN in 1803.

These two deeds connect George to his father Thomas Rives:

  • Thomas Rives of St. Andrews Parish, Brunswick County, for Love and Affection which I bear to my son George Rives of same, 50a, being part of the land where I now live on, dated 29 November 1746. Signed Thomas Rives (bhm). Deed Book 3, Page 245 (the entire text is found on page 319 in Reliques)

  • George Rives of Northampton [sic] County, North Carolina for £50 paid by James Parham of Brunswick County, St. Andrews Parish,50a, being a tract of land granted to the sd. George Rives by a deed of Gift dated 29 November 1746 by Thomas Rives his father, dated 5 May 1748. Signed George Rives (bhm). Witnesses: Absalom Atkinson, John Atkinson, William Ezell, Junr. Court May 5, 1748, Deed and memorandum acknowledged by George Rives and Mary the wife of the said George appeared and relinquished her right of Dower. Deed Book 3, Page 411.

Several deeds place George Reeves in Johnston Co NC from abt 1764 to 1771. It is important not to confuse these deeds with those of an unrelated George Reeves who lived in Johnston County and participated in land transactions during the same time frame.

Notable Johnston Co NC Deeds for this George Reeves:

  • Johnston County, NC Deed Book D-1 p. 130. 15 April 1764. John Bradley, Johnston County, Planter, to George Reeves, same, Planter, £133 610 proclamation, Quit Claim, 200 Acres in Johnston County on upper side of Smith's beginning at the mouth of said creek running up the river to William's corner at a hickory: North to a pine: East to the said creek at a white oak: down the creek including one half the stream of said creek & also one mority or half of a Grist Mill on said stream & so along the said run? As before to 1 st sta...Wit: Thos. Johnson, Jno. Rogers, Thos. Houghton. _ John Bradley

Note that Thomas Houghton was also a Watauga settler.

George sells the same land:

  • Johnston County, NC Deed Book Transcript-1 p. 86. 6 September 1770. George Reves, planter to Demsy Powel, Planter £40 proclamation, a plantation, 200 Acres in Johnston County on North side Neuse River, together with one half of a Griss Mill on a creek called Smiths creek it being a plantation said Reves now lines on...beginning at the mouth of Smiths on the upper side of said creek running up the river to Williams corner at a Hicory: North to a pine: East to the aforesaid creek at a White Oak: down the creek including one half of the Stream of said creek & alsoone Moety or half of a Grist Mill on said stream & so along said Stream as before to 1 st sta...Wit: John Rogers, Michl. Rogers. George (x) Reves

George Reeves was a property owner in the Watauga Settlements: Ramsey's Annals of Tennessee states George Reaves was among the first to patent land after the Watauga Purchase, May 1775. His patent of 500 acres on Blevins Branch was granted November 1775. He also obtained a grant from the State of North Carolina (Grant #551) for 640 acres, paying 50 shillings per 100 acres. Researcher Gerald Witt has a copy of the original land grant and a copy of its subsequent sale in 1789.

George Reeves is referenced in an order to build a road in 1783 in the Watauga settlements now in Washington County, TN: Order to Lay Road.

  • Page 81-8/10/1789 George Reeves by his attorney, Mesheck Hale to John Hendricks; 640 acres on the Watauga River "including said Reeves plantation". ADJ: James Southern, Daniel Dunn, Richard Brandent, Sanders Rhea, Jacob Chamberlain Note: George Reeves is very likely in SC at this time.

The 1790 census places George Reeves in Pendleton SC.

Apparently, Charlotte Reeves Robertson "persuaded" her parents to move to Nashville before 1800 as George Reeves Sr is not on the 1800 Pendleton District census.

George most likely lived with Charlotte until his death on 19 February 1803 in Davidson County.

Two descendants of George Reeves, through his sons Jordan and George Jr, have tested as members of DNA Group 8 in the Reeves DNA project.

1. Jordan Reeves b: 26 Mar 1747 in Northhampton, , North Carolina, USA
2. Mary Reeves b: 9 Feb 1749 in Northhampton, , North Carolina, USA
3. Charlotte Reeves b: 2 Jan 1751 in Northhampton, , North Carolina, USA
4. Sarah Reeves b: 31 Mar 1752 in , Northampton, North Carolina, USA
5. William Reeves b: 6 Mar 1755 in , Northampton, North Carolina, USA
6. Hannah Reeves b: 17 Sep 1758 in , Northampton, North Carolina, USA
7. Burrell Reeves b: 28 Jul 1761 in , Northampton, North Carolina, USA
8. Lucy Reeves b: 9 Feb 1764 in , Northampton, North Carolina, USA
9. George Reeves b: 12 Jan 1767 in Johnston, North Carolina, USA
10. Timothy Reeves b: 29 Jul 1769 in Johnston, North Carolina, USA

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