Reeves, George Sr.


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Birth: c1735
Birth Source: Estimated

Death: before Nov 1811, Grayson County, Virginia
Death Source: Grayson County, VA Probate Records

Spouse1: Jane Burton


Children of George Reeves and Jane Burton:
  1. Jesse Reeves
  2. Elizabeth Reeves
  3. William Reeves
  4. Anne Reeves
  5. Mary Reeves
  6. Susanna Reeves
  7. George Reeves, Jr.
  8. Lucy Reeves
  9. Prudence Reeves
  10. Charity Reeves
  11. John Reeves

Based upon matching DNA of the descendants of George Reeves of Grayson County, Virginia to the descendants of William Reeves of Johnston/Wake Counties in North Carolina, the following records appear to pertain to this George Reeves:

  • In November 1760, a Deed of Sale from Henry McCullock Esqr. to George Reaves for 200 Acres of Land was proved in open Court by the oath of William Reed and was ordered to be Registered. From Orange County N.C. Court Minutes, 1752-1761, Book I,p. 224
  • Orange County Court Minutes on pg 231 for February 1761: On motion of George Reaves tis Ordered that his mark be Recorded towit: a Crop & a nick in each ear.
  • George Reves witnessed an indenture from John Talifaro of Granville County to George Keath of Johnston County for land on Newlight Creek, Johnston County, June 3, 1762, proved July Court 1763.
  • George Reaves purchased land from Aquilla Sugg on New Light near Poplar Branch, June 2 1760 (registered in Johnston County, July 1762).
  • George Reves, planter, purchased 150 acres from John Bledso and wife Susana on south side of Nuse River. This was part of a larger tract granted by deed to John Bledso from Granville, dated February 1760. Witnesses were George Keath, Richd Bradford and Wm. Cloud, Johnston County, July 6, 1762.
  • George River (Rives?), planter, sold 150 acres to Robert Grady, on south side of Nuse River, December 17, 1762. This was part of a tract granted by Granville deed to John Bedso and conveyed to said George Reaves and from Reaves to Gardey (note different spelling in same document). George Reeves acknowledged a deed to Robert Grady, Johnston County, July 19, 1763.
  • George Reeves was appointed overseer of the "road in the room and district of Jeremiah Cloud", Johnston County, July 19, 1763.
  • William Reeves, Johnston County, to Charles Coupland (Copland), Granville County, land in Johnston County being the plantation whereon the Widow Matthews now lives, beginning at William Holls corner red oak on the north side Neuse river: along Holls land south to said creek: down said creek its meanders to the mouth of a small branch on the south side of the same to a white oak & 2 dog woods: up said branch to Wallets line: down the said line to a cor pine: N300p to a wh. Oak: E340p to an oak the 1st sta... 300 Acres...houses, gardens & c...Wit: Woodson Daniel, John Smith, George Reeves, Johnston County, December 28, 1763.
  • A deed from William Cloud to William Reeves was proved in open court by George Reeves, Johnston County, January 17, 1765.
  • George Reeves sold land to Elliot Buchannon on New Light (originally part of tract granted to Aquilla Sugg by Granville in 1765), February 20, 1765. A deed from George Reeves to Elliot Buchannon was proved in open court, Johnston County, October 15, 1765. George Reves referenced as former owner of land Elliott Buchanon was deeding to Thomas Chaster on the New Light Creek and Poplar Branch, July 7, 1766.
  • George Reeves was fined 40 Shillings for not attending as Petit Juror, Johnston County, July 16, 1765.
  • George Reeves was appointed constable "in the room of Silas Monk", Johnston County, October 15, 1765.
  • Timothy Shaw was appointed overseer of the road in the "room of George Reevs", Johnston County, July 15, 1766.
  • George Reeves referenced in deed from Cornelius Keith to Joshua Perry for land in St. Stephen's Parish, August 6, 1766.
  • The court ordered a "Spa" issue to cause George Reavs and Alexr Ohannon to appear at the next court to prove a deed from wm. Malet to John Sullivent, Johnston County, April 21, 1767.
  • George Reeves deeded 200 acres to Thomas Chaster on the New Lite Creek, near Poplar Branch (originally part of tract that Equler Sugg obtained from Granville), October 8, 1767.
There are also countless Johnston County deeds circa 1762 to 1765 with references to Richard Burton, father of Jane Burton Reeves, such as: Richard Burton, Johnston County, to Samuel Peek, Buckingham Co, Virginia, 314 Acres in Johnston County, the plantation whereon said Burton now lives beginning at Wm. Reeves corner red oak on the bank of Neuse river, running thence on his line S23½°W crossing Ellobies creek several times 98p to his corner pine: S23½ W 160p to a corner pine: S65 E210p to a pine: N24 E184p crossing Gut several times to a blazed White Oak on Neuse River, just above the mouth of said Gut: up said River by several meanders to 1st sta...houses, orchard &c...Ann Burton1 wife to Richard Burton examined privately by Lod. Tanner Esq. Wit: John Alston, Thomas Webb, Wm. Bradford, Johnston County, October 13, 1763.

It appears as though both Richard Burton and George Reeves sold their property in Johnston County around 1765 which would coincide with the appearance of both men in the New River area around 1767. Additionally the above court order of July 15, 1766 where Timothy Shaw is replacing George Reeves as overseer of the road would be a result of George Reeves removal from Johnston County.

  • From The Virginia magazine of history and biography, pub 1922 by the Virginia Historical Society - "...It was originally surveyed in 1753 for Peter Jefferson, Thomas and David Meriwether and Thomas Walker. It was the Peach Bottom tract. John Cox settled there the same year. George Collins and George Reeves settled there in 1767."
  • In George Reeves deposition for Beavins (Blevins) vs. Newell — O. S. 174; N. S. 62 — Bill, 27th September, 1805, he stated that he was present in the New River area as early as 1767.
George Reaves was on the 1771, 1772, 1773 and 1774 tithables lists of Cornelius Roberts in extinct Fincastle County, Virginia.

From the Montgomery County Court Order Book, Nov. 8, 1780 -
Ordered that George Reeves be restored his property that was taken from him by the Militia of Washington County and part of the Militia of this County, as several witnesses hath appeared here in Court in his favour and none against him. James Howell, same.

George Reeves and several others had apparently been accused of loyalist activities but were found to be completey innocent and exonerated through the above court opinion.

The court considered a recommendation for George Reves to be a lieutenant in McDonald's Company in Montgomery County on April 3, 1782.

He appears on the 1787 tax list of Montgomery County with 100 acres. In 1789 he was living in Grassy Creek/Fox Creek area of Grayson County near Daniel, Elisha and John Blevins, Robert Osborne and Ezeiel Young. The New River area changed state and county designations several times and by 1793, George and his son, Jesse, are listed in the tax lists of Wythe County, Virginia.

George Reaves received a grant for 200 aces on the waters of the New River in Montgomery County on May 18, 1796 and another for 100 acres on the north side of that river adjoining his own line on the west on May 30, 1796.

1The wife of Richard Burton was previously believed to be Mary; however all records for Richard Burton prior to around 1765 list his wife as Ann. In Apr 1765: Exhibited into court, a sale and inventory of the estate of James Farmer, decd, by Mary Burton, Executrix. Recorded in Johnston Co, NC County Court Minutes. Research by Burton Family researchers indicates that Ann Burton died sometime before 1765 after which Richard Burton married Mary, the widow of James Farmer who had died in 1761 in Johnston County.

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