Reeves, Jesse (c1760 NC - 1833 NC)


Reeves, Jesse


Father: George Reeves
Mother: Jane Burton

Birth: c1766
Birth Source: George Reeves, Sr. Probate, Census

Death: 1833, Ashe County, North Carolina
Death Source: Ashe County Probate Records, Will of Jesse Reeves

Spouse1: Elizabeth Obedience Terrill
Spouse2: Mary Bowers


Children of Jesse Reeves and Elizabeth Obedience Terrell:
  1. Nancy Reeves b. 1790-1794
  2. George Reeves, b. c1795, m. Elizabeth Doughton
  3. Jane Reeves b. bt 1790 - 1800, d. after 1843, m. Robert Baker
  4. Elizabeth Reeves b. 30 Aug 1798, m. William Cox
  5. John Reeves b. 1 Oct 1809, d. 24 Jan 1883, m. Cynthia Baker
  6. Eli Reeves b. 1813, d. c1890
Children of Jesse Reeves and Mary Bower:
  1. Charity Reeves b. 1818, d. 1880, m. Jesse A. Reeves (son of John Reeves and Phoebe Osborne)
  2. Jesse Bower Reeves b. 1819, d. 1863
  3. Alexander Reeves b. 1821, d. c1880, m. Lydia Osborne
  4. Sally Reeves b. 4 Oct 1825, d. 5 Apr 1909
  5. Mary Reeves b. 29 Jun 1829, d. 8 Jan 1913
  6. Charles Gordon Reeves b. 25 Apr 1832, d. 19 Oct 1898
Jesse Reeves, was a Lieutenant, 1st Company, 2nd Battalion, Grayson Militia, March 25, 1794

Along with his brother William, Jesse Reeves was recorded in the US census of Ashe County, North Carolina in 1800.

In 1799, Jesse received warrants for 300 acres and 100 acres in Ashe County, both grants were issued in 1801. He received a warrant for land in the Peach Bottom Mountains, for which Grant No. 684 was issued 24 Nov 1807.

Martin Gambill was elected and entered into bond of two thousand pounds for his faithful performance of the duties of sheriff in addition to another bond of the same sum for the collection and payment of the public taxes with John Cox and Jesse Reeves as securities in both bonds in Ashe County on 12 May 1806. Recorded in the Ashe County, North Carolina Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, May 1806. When Martin Gambill was reelected in 1807, Jesse was again a security on his bond.

Jesse was appointed overseer of the road in room of Samuel Perry by the Ashe County Court on 5 Feb 1810.

The Ashe County taxpayers of 1815 include Jesse Reeves, his brother William and a widow Reeves - Jane Osborne Reeves widow of George Reeves, Jr. who was killed in 1811.

The Court Minutes show an order by the court that Jesse Reeves, Comr. (commissioner?) be allowed 24/- for holding an inquest over the body of Susanah Hathom of Ashe County on 8 Feb 1810. By 1813 Jesse was the county coroner as evidenced by a summons recorded in the Ashe County Civil Action Court Papers.

Jesse received another warrant for 150 acres on Baker's Ridge in Ashe County which was entered on 5 Jul 1816. Grant No. 998 was issued for this tract on 30 Nov 1819.

Jesse Reaves (sic) received three warrants for 100 acres each on the waters of Peak Creek - Grant No. 1350 issued December 24, 1827, Grant No. 1580 issued December 9, 1830 and Grant No. 1581 issued December 9, 1830.

Research Notes

There is some confusion in various online pedigrees as to which children were born to each of the wives of Jesse Reves. John, born 1809, was the child of Obedience Terrell and is documented as such in a Power of Attorney by John Reeves to Enoch Reves dated 22 Apr 1833. In that document he refers to a suit pending in the superior Court of Chancery for Wythe District of Virginia and gives Enoch the authority “to present for me and the rest of the heirs of Biddy Reves for which deceased I am the Administrator.”

It is doubtful that the child "Nancy" listed above existed. The only mention of a Nancy Reeves is a gravestone in the Jesse Reeves' Family Cemetery which is now being speculated as a wife of Jesse Reeves for which there is also no documentation. Since no child Nancy is named in Jesse Reeves Will, it is improbable that she was his child.


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