Reeves, Jesse (1785 VA - 1863 VA)


Reeves, John


Father: George Reeves
Mother: Jane Burton

Birth: 30 Dec 1785, Grayson County, Virginia
Birth Source: George Reeves Probate and gravestone inscription

Death: 9 Aug 1863, Grayson County, Virginia
Death Source: Burial in Lt George Reeves Cemetery, Gravestone Inscription Aged 77 yrs 7 mos 9 ds

Spouse1: Phoebe Osborne, b. 12 Aug 1785, d. 27 Jan 1863, Gravestone Inscription Aged 77 yrs 1 mo 15 ds; wife of John Reeves


Children of John Reeves, Sr. and Phoebe Osborne:
  1. George W. Reeves, b. c1805, m. Caroline Thomas
  2. Jesse A. Reeves, b. c1807, m. Charity Reeves
  3. Osborne Reeves, b. 29 Dec 1809, d. 08 Feb 1892, Rebecca Osborne
  4. Lucy Reeves, b. c1810, m. James Gambill
  5. Mahala Reeves, b. c1812, m. Rev. Samuel Plummer
  6. Polly Reeves, b. c1814, m. Marshall Calloway
  7. Lydia Reeves, b. 5 Feb 1822 Grayson County, Virginia
  8. John Reeves, Jr., b. 13 Sep 1828, d. 9 Sep 1854, m. Mary Reeves
From the Minutes of the Grayson County, Virginia Court, February of 1812:
A deed from Jesse Reeves, William Reeves, Bartholomew Austin and Ann his wife, Andrew Cox and Prudence his wife, Zachariah Osborne and Charity his wife, Joseph Doughton and Polly his wife, Samuel Phipps and Elizabeth his wife, David Cox and Lucy his wife and Susannah Toliver to John Reeves was proven in Court by three subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded.


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