Reeves, Isaac (c1719 NC - c1788 NC)


Reeves, Isaac


Father: William Reeves
Mother: Unknown

Birth: c1719, North Carolina
Birth Source: 1751 Will of William Reeves

Death: after 1788
Death Source:

Spouse1: Unknown


In the past, this was believed to be the Isaac Reeves who was living in the area of Wilkes County NC after the Revolutionary War; however, DNA of the descendants of Isaac Reeves of Wilkes County has established that family is from another Reeves' lineage.

William Reves (sic Reeves) witnessed a deed from Peter Bruce to Isaac Reeves, both of Edgecombe County, for 100 acres on Marsh Swamp on August 14, 1740.

There is no documentary evidence of Isaac Reeves' age but he was undoubtedly an adult when Peter Bruce deeded 100 acres to him in 1740 indicating that he was around 21 years of age.

Isaac Reaves was recorded in the records of Edgecombe County as an adjoining landowner to Richard Oliver, for land near Marsh Swamp in 1753 and again referenced in a plat for Richard Oliver for land in Edgecombe County near Marsh Swamp, joining Wm Rose on April 5, 1754.

During the 1760's Isaac Reeves was recorded in Halifax County. He was referenced in a deeds from Alexander McCulloch to Charles Blanton for land near Marsh Swamp on May 17, 1762 and another deed from Charles Blanton to Joseph Eelbank for land near Marsh Swamp on March 9, 1767.

It is probable that the following citations, recorded in Caswell County, may pertain to Isaac Reeves of the Granville County Reeves' family:

Finally, there is a deed dated 3 Oct 1781 recorded in Caswell County, Deed Book A, at Page 31, in which Isaac Reeve (also spelled Rives and Reeves) of Randolph County, NC, conveyed to Martha Wisdom of Caswell County, for 1000 lbs 150 Acres on N. Hico adj Bankston, Joseph Boren, to line of old Mr. Graves now possessed by James Bain, and Motherland. Wit: Thomas Douglass, Benj. Debow, Jennet Douglass. This appears to be the same 150 acres Isaac Reeves purchased from Peter Bankston on 1 Jan 1779: Peter Bankston of Anson County, North Carolina, sold to Isaac Reeves, 150 acres on the North side of North Hico which Peter Bankston purchased from his father, Lawrence Bankston (DeedBook A, p. 195).

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