Reeves, Thomas (c1700 VA - 1760 VA)


Reeves, Thomas Sr.


Father: Henry Reeves, Jr.
Mother: Sarah

Birth: c1700, Essex County, Virginia
Birth Source: 1728 Will of Henry Reeves, Jr.

Death: before 6 May 1760, Spotsylvania County, Virginia
Death Source: Administrators Bond Granted - WB B, Page 443

Spouse1: Unknown


Sons of Thomas Reeves, Sr. named in the 1753 will of his brother, George Reeves and probated in Spotsylvania County, Virginia in March of 1754 and recorded in Will Book B, Page 183:
  1. Henry Reeves?
  2. Thomas Reeves, Jr.
  3. George Reeves?
  4. John Reeves
Although he was not named in the will of his uncle George Reeves, Brewer Reeves of Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, who died in Christian County, Kentucky in 1799 was also a son of Thomas Reeves, Sr.

The parentage of Brewer Reeves is clearly identified from the Augusta County VA Chancery Case - Valentine Sevoir v. Thomas Reeves(external link). The petition in this case states "Thomas or his brother Brewer Reeves". This is the Thomas Reeves with wife Sarah formerly of Spotsylvania County and identified in another Augusta County Chancery Case - John Herndon v. Thomas Reeves(external link) as being the Thomas Reeves of Spotsylvania County.

The 1738 Essex County will of his mother, Sarah, refers to "necessaty and misfortune of my sonn Thomas" that he receive 20 pounds sterling.

Various sources list the wife of Thomas Reeves, Sr. as Sarah; however, no citations mentioning Sarah as the wife of a Thomas Reeves can be found prior to the death of Thomas Reeves, Sr. Sarah, wife of Thomas appears to be the wife of his son, Thomas Reeves, Jr. The most likely candidate as the wife of Thomas Reeves Sr. would appear to be Kerenhappuch Reeves who is named as a witness in the following:
  • Edward Coleman and Lucrea, his wife, of St. George Parish, Spotsylvania County to Samuel Waggoner of Essex Co., and South Farnham Parish 100 acres in St. George Parish, Spotsylvania County. Witnessed by Kerenhappuch Reeves, February 5, 1744.
At this time, the only Reeves living in the area of Spotsylvania County appear to be Thomas Reeves, Sr. and his brother George.

Recorded in Spotsylvania County, Virginia on May 4, 1731 - Augustine Smith of St. Mark's Parish, Spotsylvania County to Thomas Reeves of St. George Parish, Spotsylvania County 200 acres in St. George Parish, "for the better and more perfect confirming and assuring to ye said Thos. Reeves, 200 a. of land by the said Augustine Smith, sold to his father, Henry Reeves, by deeds...in Essex Court, the 9th Septr., 1714, and by sd. Henry Reeves bequeathed to his son, Thomas Reeves", part of a patent granted said Smith on August 21, 1719.

Ordered that all the Tithables On the South side of the Falls road above Thomas Reeves be added & Do Serve under Charles Steward Overseer of the road, September 7, 1732, Spotsylvania court records.

On October 3, 1732 in the Spotsylvania court records - "Ordered that Thomas Reeves be Overseer of the road from Hazle run to the Upper Side of the falls run including the same, And the road out of the aforesaid road to the Inspectors Landing, And it is Ordered that all the Tithables On the river side, between the said Places Do Serve under the said Reeves to keep the said roads in good repair."

On petition of Thomas Reeves he is discharged from being Overseer of ye road from ye Hazle Run up to the falls, and James Williams is ordered and appointed to Serve in his room and all the tithables which Serve Under ye said Reeves are ordered to Serve under the Sd. Williams to help him Clear & keep in good repair ye said Road, September 2, 1734.

Thomas Reeves filed bond as administrator of the estate of Thomas Reeves, with John Bataley and William Lewis as securities, recorded May 6, 1760.

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