1554 Will - Thomas Reve


1554 Will - Thomas Reve


Dated: 26 Feb 1553/4, Good Easter, Essex
Probated: Commissary of Bishop of London, 4 Apr 1554

Transcript or Summary

Probate of Will (made 26 February 1553/4) of Thomas Reve of Good Easter

Desires to be buried in churchyard of Good Easter.

Bequeaths to every poor householder in Good Easter having no corn growing, one peck of wheat and one peck of malt; to each of his godchildren 4d.; to each of his servans, 3s. 4d.; to his brother Roger Reve and his sister, the wives of Edmund Horsenayle, Richard Nichols and Henry Wyles, 6s. 8d.; to his daus., Eliz., Barbara and Margery, £6 13s. 4d., upon reaching the age of 20, with the proviso that if any should die before, their portion is to be divided among the survivors, and if all three die, their portions shall pass to his exors.; to his daus., Joan, wife of Christr. Vale, Margaret and Mary, £3 6s. 8d. (to be paid in the case of the last two upon reaching the age of 20), with similar provision if any should die before; to his son, John, lease of parcel of land in Writtle, devised to testator by William Eve of Bedells Hall [in Chignal Smealey]; to his mother, Margt., such household stuff `as she brought wt. hur to me'; to his wife Joan, lease of prebend in Good Easter called Passelawes, with all his goods, chattels and debts, upon condition that she pay his debts, fulfil his Will faithfully, bring up his children honestly and keep herself `sole and unmaryed'; should she remarry, then half the lease of the prebend and of his goods, chattels and debts shall pass to his said son, John, upon condition that he shall pay half his debts, fulfil half his Will and bring up half his children honestly; Joan and John (who are appointed as exors.) to enter into mutual bonds for the fulfilment of the Will at the discretion of Thomas Eve, sen., who is appointed supervisor of the Will, but if Joan and John refuse to fulfil the Will either in whole or in part, then the lease of Passelawes with all his goods, chattels and debts shall pass to Richard Cosyn and William Whyte who shall then be his executors, with said Thomas Eve as supervisor.

Witnesses: Richard Cosyn, William White, Edmund Horsenayle, John Reve of Mashbury.

Devises to his son, John, all lands and tenements, freshold and copyhold in Good Easter and Mashbury, until his s. Hugh reaches age of 21, and his lands and tenements in Writtle until his s. Thomas reaches age of 21, upon condition that John shall keep testator's mother, Margt., during her life; these properties to pass to Hugh and Thomas respectively at the age of 21, but if either shall die before, then his lands shall pass to the other, and if both shall die, then the lands shall pass to said Thomas Reve [?rectius Eve].


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