1591 Will - Briget Reve


1591 Will - Briget Reve


Dated: 23 Oct 1591, Colchester St. Nicholas, Essex
Probated: Commissary of Bishop of London, 18 Jan 1591/2


In the name of god amen I Briget Reve widow late wife of Adam Reve disceased, in the pishe of St nicolas in Collchester beinge sicke in bodye but of pfect memory thankes be to god for it the 23 daye of October 1591 and in the 33 yeare of the raine of our soveraigne ladye Elizabeth by godes grace Quene of England France and Irelande defender of the faith &c doe make this my laste will and testament in maner and forme folowinge that is to saye Fyrste I commit my soull into the handes of allmightye god my creatore & mercifull father, and to Jesus Christe my redemer with the holye gost my comforter, three psones & one god to be reseyved in peace oute of this meserabell & transitory worlde into his everlastinge and joyfull resurection when it shall please his majesty to call me & my bodye to the yearth in sure and certaine hope of everlastinge life I will & bequeath unto Samson Reve soone of Adam Reve late discesed the somm of vi? good & lawfull mony of England & the goulde ringe the wch I now were I doe allsoe gyve unto my syster one neck ?her with a cambrocke? ? I doe allso gyve unto my cosen Maye one neckether one coyse one quarter, I doe allso gyve unto my sister hargrave wife to Rafe? hargrave the yenger one smoke one ? aperam neckether? 1 coyfe 1 quarter allsoe I gyve unto my sonn Israell Reve my bibell the wch bibell I will that Samson Reve shall have in kepige till my sonn Israell Reve shall tn to the adge of xxi yere allso I give unto my daughter Mary Reve 1 ringe with the deatheshed I doe allso give unto my mayde 1 neckether 1 coyfe 1 quarter 1 apron & one oulde wascote allso I gyve unto the pore of this pish vi, allso I will that the rest of my aparell be soulde to the beste advantage & themony that is made thereof with the rest of my stock to be equally divded amonges my three chilldren that is to saye to Israell Reve one third part when he commeth to the adge of xxi yeares to mary Reve & Martha Reve eeyther of them a thirde when thay shall tn to the adge of xx yere or at the daye of mariadge whether shall first happen allso I will that if eyther of them dye before thay com to there severall adges then his or her parte to be eqaully divided amontes them what that time remaine alive & I will that thare ? shall remaine in the handes of Samson Reve soon of Adam Reve late discesed untill such time as that my chilldren whose names are above mencioned shall co to thare severall adges the wch Samson Reve I doe apointe & ordaine to be my full executor & doe allso apointe & ordaine my brother Thomas FFiresen? & William Reve to be my supravisors in wittnes whereof I have comsed this to be writen & have setto my hand & seale the daye & yere above written

Witness Melin? Edrain
Mereck greveris?


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