Lancaster Co., VA -- 1655-1666 Court Orders

Lancaster Co., VA Court Orders, Etc., 1655-1666

Lancaster Co., VA, Court Orders, Etc., 1655-1666

Lancaster Co., VA
Court Orders, Etc., 1655-1666

(This book was published by Ruth and Sam Sparacio in two installments, 1656-1661 and 1662-1666. It precedes the numbered books and apparently was Lancaster's first record book.)

8 February 1664/5: Henry Reeves admr. Of the good sand chattels of Robert Sharpe the younger, late of Virginia….mentions Coll. Robt. Smith, Hen. Corbyn, Coll. Anth: Ellyott, and Junnifer Plover… (Sparacio, 1662-1666, p. 78).

Note that Smith, Corbin, and Ellyott were leading figures in the area that later became Middlesex County when it was cut off from Lancaster County. This individual seems most likely to be Henry Reeves, Sr. of Old Rappahannock (later Essex) County. That area had been part of Lancaster County until 1656.

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