Reeves, Henry Sr. (c1630 ENG - 1687 VA)


Reeves, Henry Sr.



Birth: c1630, England
Birth Source:

Death: 6 Apr 1687, Old Rappahannock, Virginia
Death Source: Will

Spouse1: Elizabeth Bagnall, Isle of Wight, Virginia (?)


Children of Henry Reeves, Sr. and Elizabeth Bagnall:
  1. Henry Reeves, Jr.
  2. Joseph Reeves
  3. James Reeves
  4. Elizabeth Reeves, m. Thomas Sthresley
  5. Rebecca Reeves, m. Israel Johnson
  6. Martha Reeves, m1 Robert M. Moseley, m2 Robert Moss
  7. Mary Reeves, m. Thomas Munday
  8. Ann Reeves, m. Edward Coleman
Henry Reeves, Sr. is presumed to be the immigrant and first of this particular Reeves lineage to be found in the American colonies. He was granted 600 acres on Tigner's Creek on the south side of the Rappahannock River in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia (now Essex County), on January 1, 1666. In 1672, he received a land grant of 150 acres in Nansemond County. He doesn't appear to have remained long in Nansemond for his 1686 will was recorded in Old Rappahannock County where he died on April 6, 1687. In that will he named all of his children listed above.

This Henry Reeves is probably the same man who appeared on 8 February 1664/5 in Lancaster Co., VA, as administrator of the goods and chattels of Robert Sharpe the younger, late of Virginia. This record also mentions Coll. Robert Smith, Henry Corbyn, and Anthony Ellyott — who all lived in the area that became Middlesex County — as well as Juniper Plover. (Sparacio, Lancaster Co., VA, Orders, 1662-1666, p. 78). Another Lancaster County, Virginia, entry (Sparacio, Lancaster Co., VA, Deeds & Wills, 1661-1702, pp. 303-305) pertains to this same matter. Therein, Henry Reeves of Isle of Wight Co., VA, planter, administrator of the estate of Robert Sharpe, Jr., deceased, late of Rappahannock Co., VA, delivered a power of attorney to Edward Dale of Lancaster County to receive payment from Captain Junifer Plover. Richard Merryman and Eleanor Nichols witnessed the document.

Henry was involved in several court cases in Rappahannock County during the 1680s. In one case which stretched from 1681 to 1685 Henry sued Thomas Gaymes for 430 pounds of tobacco in accordance with a note given by Gaymes to Richard Holt and then assigned by Holt to Reeves. Judgment was granted to Henry Reeves in the matter on 5 August 1685. Henry continued to be active in legal matters in Rappahannock until shortly before his death, however.

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Research Notes

There were several Reeves families in the Northern Neck of Virginia between 1650 and 1750. One William Reeves died about 1699 in Northumberland County. Thomas Reeves lived in Richmond County, and John Reeves lived in Lancaster County. A Robert Reeves who was a contemporary of this William lived in Northumberland County. Later, George Reeves would also live in Northumberland County. Slightly further afield, the family of Henry Reeves, Sr. lived in Old Rappahannock/Essex County. Across the Rappahannock River in Middlesex County was the large family headed by George Reeves and his four known sons, Thomas, Francis, George, and Charles. DNA analysis establishes, however, that there was no connection between the family of George Reeves and that of Henry Reeves, Sr.. Since descendants of these other Reeves families have not yet been tested, the possibility of kinship between some of them cannot be precluded.


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