Reeves, Henry Jr. (c1660 ? - 1729 VA)


Reeves, Henry, Jr.


Father: Henry Reeves, Sr.
Mother: Elizabeth Bagnall

Birth: c1660
Birth Source: Will of Henry Reeves, Sr.

Death: 1729, Essex County, Virginia
Death Source: 1728 Will, Probated 17 Mar 1729

Spouse1: Sarah MNU


Children of Henry Reeves, Jr. and Sarah:
  1. Henry Reeves
  2. Joseph Reeves
  3. John Reeves
  4. Samuel Reeves
  5. Thomas Reeves
  6. George Reeves
  7. Patience Reeves, m. Richard Gatewood
  8. Elizabeth Reeves, m. John Allen
  9. Ann Reeves, m. Francis Atwood
From Isle of Wight County records:
Henry (X) Reeves of Rapahanock sells to Thomas Godwin, of Chuckatuck 400 acres of land part of a pat. of 600 acres formerly granted Godfrey Hunt and by him conveyed to deceased father, Henry Reeves on south side of Chuckatuck Creek called Beaver Dam adj. Thomas Oglethorpe, lately occupied by Bridgett Askew, widow, 19 Dec. 1688. Teste, Edmund Godwin, Thos. Exum, Henry Pilkington.

Sarah Taylor of St. John’s Parish, King William County, appointed Wm. Beverley of St. Anne’s Parish, Essex County, her attorney to acknowledge unto Henry Reeves, Sr., of South Farnham Parish, Essex County, her right of dower to 500 acres. Witnessed by A. Somorvell, Henry Reeves, Jr., and Joseph Reeves, Essex County, November 17, 1719.
Henry Reeves, Sr. of South Farnham Parish, Essex County, purchased land from Edmund Taylor of St. John’s Parish, King William County, 500 acres located on the south side of the Rappahannock River in South Farnham Parish on the north side of Gregory’s Swamp, Essex County, November 17, 1719.

Henry Reeves, Sr. purchased 100 acres from Peter Byrom, Southfarnham Parish, Essex County, on the south side of the Rappahannock River about four miles above the falls in St. Marie’s Parish, adjoining his own land, Essex County, May 19, 1719.

The following is recorded in the records of Essex County Court of June 20, 1722:
In the account of Trespass brot. by Wm. Daingerfield gent. agt. Henry Reeves the Sherif by virtue of ye Ordr. of last March Court having summoned a Jury to wit Wm. Johnson forman, Vt. Godfrey Pile, James Rennolds Junr. Charles Waller, Jno. Allen, William Greenhill, Jno. Chamberline, Alexander Younger, James Farguson, Thos. Winslow, Richard Gatewood & Martin Nalle, which Jury returned ye following Verdt. (which on ye Plts. mocon (sic motion) is admitted to record) "Essex ss. We whose hands & seals are hereunto subscribed being by Order of Court dated ye 20. day of this Instant firs summoned & sworn did in Company wth Robert Brooke, Junr., Survery. of the sd County, on the 29th of this Instant proceed to Survey and lay out the lands in dispute between Majr. Willm Daingerfield & Mr. Henry Reeves & do find that the said Reeves has more land within his antient & reporting bounds then is mentioned in his Deed and do likewise find that the said Reeves is a Trespasser wthout his known & antient bounds & that the sd Trespass is within the known & antient bounds of Majr. Wm. Daingerfield; If the Law be for ye Plt. we find damage Fifty Shillings, if or ye Deft., then we find for the Defendt. this 31st day of March 1722." which being argued ye Court are of opinion that said Ordr. is fully complyed with; thereupon Judgmt. is granded Plt. agt. Deft. for Fifty Shillings with one attorneys fee & costs.


1686 Will of Henry Reeves, Sr., Repository-Library of Virginia
Will of Henry Reeves, Jr. , Essex County VA, WB 4, Page 342

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