Reeves, Joseph (1693 VA - 1783 VA)

Joseph Reeves

Reeves, Joseph


Father: Henry Reeves, Jr.
Mother: Sarah

Birth: c1693 Unknown, Essex County, Virginia
Birth Source: 1728 Will of Henry Reeves, Jr.

Death: before April 1783 Essex County, Virginia
Death Source: 1781 Will, proved in court April 1783

Spouse1: Susanna MNU Price, widow of Richard Price, m. 1726
Spouse2: Elizabeth MNU (probably Mrs. Elizabeth Dix)


Child of Joseph Reeves and Mrs. Susanna Price:
  1. Patience Reeves, m. John Ball
Joseph Reeves was mentioned in the 28 April 1728 will of his father Henry Reeves. He was to receive land on which he lived and was named a co-executor. [Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 4, pages 342-344.]

In August 1736, Joseph Reeves initiated a land trial suit against Henry Reeves over property that had belonged to their father, Henry Reeves, and his father, Henry Reeves. Various pieces of evidence were submitted concerning the bounds of the land, including the will of their grandfather Henry Reeves and depositions. On 17 May 1738, judgement was decided against Henry Reeves. [Essex County, Virginia, Land Trials 1715-1741, pages 119-137.]

Joseph Reeves was witness to a deed for his brother George Reeves on 1 Oct 1739.

Joseph's brother George Reeves' will of 1753, names Patience Ball, daughter of his brother Joseph

It appears that Joseph Reeves' second wife Elizabeth, was probably a Mrs. Elizabeth Dix. His wife is named as Elizabeth in Joseph's 1781 will and in a 1752 deed, Joseph conveyed a tract of land to his well beloved ″son-in-law″ James Dix. In the colonial era, the term son-in-law was also used for "stepson" which would explain this puzzling deed of gift.

The only legatees in the 1781 will of Joseph Reeves are his second wife Elizabeth, his grandchildren, the children of Patience and John Ball, and a friend, Lewis Moody, to whom he left several items.


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