Reeves, Henry (1693 VA - c1745 VA)

Henry Reeves

Reeves, Henry


Father: Henry Reeves, Jr.
Mother: Sarah

Birth: 1693, Essex County, Virginia
Birth Source: 1728 Will of Henry Reeves, Jr. and Essex County Judgement of 1738 for age

Death: bef Nov 1745, Essex County, Virginia
Death Source: Essex County WB 7, p. 381-383

Spouse1: Jochebed MNU


Children of Henry Reeves and Jochebed:
  1. Henry Reeves, b. before 1727
  2. Brewer Reeves, d. before 1771
  3. Mary Reeves, m1. Nicholas Pamplin, m2. Thomas Hadden before 1771
  4. John Reeves, d. before 1771
  5. Elizabeth Reeves, b. 1745 m. William Porter 1759
The five children above are named in the 1745 will of Henry Reeves although Elizabeth not by name. Henry Reeves mentioned his fifth child that was yet unborn which was obviously Elizabeth.

John and Elizabeth Reeves appear to have been the youngest of Henry Reeves children for both were under the guardianship of a Joseph Pollard until 1757. Probate documents recorded in Spotsylvania County Will Book 11, pgs. 25-27, refer to them as orphans of Henry Reeves and list Joseph Pollard's detailed expenses for each.

Henry Reeves' daughters Elizabeth and Mary are named as his daughters in a document dividing the slaves left to them by their deceased father Henry Reeves and recorded in Will Book 11, at pages 362 and 363 in Sep of 1760 and recorded in Aug of 1761. Mary Pamplin received one half the value of the slaves left by their father and William Porter received 1/2 left to his wife Elizabeth.

Henry Reeves was mentioned in the 1728 will of his father Henry Reeves. He was to receive, after his mother's decease, 200 acres, and was named a co-executor. Henry presented the will in court with his mother on 17 March 1729. [Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 4, pages 342-344.]

On 17 March 1729, Henry Reeves, Sarah Reeves and Pitman Scandrett were bound £2,000 sterling for Henry Reeves' and Sarah Reeves' execution of the last will and testament of Henry Reeves deceased. Signed Henry Reeves, Pitmn Scandrett, Sarah her S mark Reeves. [Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 4, page 346.]

In August 1736, Joseph Reeves initiated a land trial suit against Henry Reeves over property that had belonged to their father, Henry Reeves, and his father, Henry Reeves. Various pieces of evidence were submitted concerning the bounds of the land, including the will of their grandfather Henry Reeves and depositions. On 17 May 1738, judgement was decided against Henry Reeves. On the date of judgement, it was recorded that Henry Reeves was 45 years of age. [Essex County, Virginia, Land Trials 1715-1741, pages 119-137.]

A 1771 Essex County deed wherein Thomas Hadden and Mary his wife, sold that tract of Land & Plantation which was allotted to Mary by a division with her sister Elizabeth and her husband William Porter. The deed states that this land was devised by the Last Will and Testament of Henry Reeves, the deceased father of Mary & Elizabeth, to his son Brewer who died in infancy and then descended to his brother John who also died in infancy. The term infancy is undoubtedly used to note that they did not live to maturity. Both were living when Henry Reeves' will was probated and for some years after the estates of both John and Elizabeth were supervised by a guardian.

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