Reeves, George (c1645 LIN - c1688 VA)

Reeves, George

Reeves, George


Father: probably George Reeves
Mother: Unknown

Birth: c1645, Lincoln or Lincolnshire, UK
Birth Source:

Death: c1688, Middlesex County, Virginia
Death Source: Will probated 1689 in Middlesex County, Virginia

Spouse1: Anne Phipps, m. 1675, UK
Spouse2: Phoebe MNU


On 24 Nov 1671, George Reeves petitioned the General Court regarding administration of his brother Francis' estate, and the case was referred back to Middlesex County¹. The General Court record for 25 Mar 1672 indicates that George was appointed administrator of the estates of both Thomas and Francis².

George Reeves was directed to pay Mr. Shepard on behalf of the parish for funeral services, Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, October 5, 1672.

The Governor and Council as Court, 1674 found: "Mr. James Minge and Mr. Joseph Chipp being Appointed to Audite the Accounts of Mr. George Reeves Administrator of Thomas and Francis Reeves Against their Estates who have Returned their Report under their hands to this Court that they find the Said George Reeves hath paid Beyond Assetts, It is therefore ordered the Said Mr. George Reeves have A Quietas Est." (Note: Appears to be Middlesex. Chipp estate in Middlesex County in 1677).

Administration of Joseph Chipp granted to Mr. Robert Boodle. Mr. John Wortham, Mr. George Reeves, William Daniell and William Downing were directed to appraise the estate of Joseph Chipp, Middlesex County, May 7, 1677.

An account of the horses, arms and furniture as they were delivered to the county soldiers appraised by Mr. John Worham, Mr. Willm. Daniell, Mr. Alexander Smith, Mr. George Reeves and Mr. Willm. Watson, Middlesex County, May 26, 1679.

Ralph Wormely received 740 acres called Timber Neck adjoining Thomas Lee and George Reeves, Middlesex, April 26, 1680.

Mr. George Reeves and Ann Reeves, his wife, were listed in the Middlesex County Court Order Book, October 9, 1682.

On 5 August 1685, David Humes of old Rappahannock County made over and assigned to "Mr. George Reves of Middlesex" a bill for 700 pounds of sweet-scented tobacco which had originally been issued by Ralph Whitton. Reeves was involved in several other cases at the same time in which he was variously assignee of William Fitzhugh, Leonard Chamberlaine, and George Brent.

Will of George Reeves of the Island of Virginia, merchant, was probated in London in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury on April 26, 1689 by his brother, Charles Reeves. George Reeves was residing in England at the time the will was signed on November 1, 1675. The will stated as follows:
  • Will of George Reeves of the Island of Virginia, merchant, now residing in England, named his wife Anna "£500, according to an obligation of even date to James Johnson of St. Sepulcher's, London, gent., and James Cary, citizen and salter of London, for £3000". The rest of his estate to any child or children by his wife, and failing such issue to his brother Charles Reeves, whom he named executor. Witnessed by James Johnason, Jo. Jackson, James Cary and John Ridgely, Ser., November 1, 1675.

When the will was presented for probate in Middlesex County, Virginia, the executors named in the will disavowed execution thereof, and the sheriff was ordered to summon witnesses to more fully prove the will. No further action appears, but not long afterwards Phebe, widow of George Reeves, who had married Lieutenant John Smith of Middlesex was appointed administratrix.

According to Phipps family history, George Reeves deserted wife Ann. She lived with her sister Mary, wife of Rev. John Jackson the Rector of Lee, Kent, prior to Mary's death in 1685. Ann died in 1693. Letters of administration were granted to Constantine Phipps, her twin brother.

In Chancery Court of Reading (UK) 1693, Bridges 110/53, Charles Reeves to Constantine Phipps, r. of Constantine Phipps, to claim by Reeves for effects of Ann Reeves. Again in Chancery Court in 1694, Bridges 113/20, Blagrave v. Constantine Phipps. About Ann Reeves, r. of Constantine Phipps.

An entry in the Middlesex records of a suit in 1697 by John Curtis, administrator of the estate of Erasmus Withers against Charles Reeves as executor of George Reeves who was administrator of Frances Reeves. By deed recorded in Middlesex and dated September 20, 1707, Charles Reeves of the parish of Stepney, County of Middlesex, England, heir to George Reeves of Virginia conveyed to Gawin Corbin of Middlesex County, Virginia, 500 acres patented by John Appleton in October 1664, and sold by him to Thomas Reeves, and from the last named descended to Frances and George Reeves and now to Charles Reeves, surviving heir. (See Hopkins, Middlesex Co., VA, Wills and Inventories, 1673-1812, pp. 193-195, 218. See also pp. 15, 176, 180, 184, 186, 201, 207, 213-217.)

It appears Phoebe remarried after George's death. Under Middlesex County Record of the Cary Family, Valentine includes this extract: Chris Robinson & Henry Waring audit account of Oswald Cary Plt. against Jno. Smith as marrying Phoebe admx. of George Reeves Deft. Nov. 1689. (DB 1697-1694 p. 490)

Research Notes

Phipps family history seems to indicate that George Reeves deserted his wife Ann Phipps Reeves leaving her in England where she lived with her sister Mary; however, Ann is mentioned as George Reeves' wife in a Middlesex County, Virginia court order of 1682. It is unclear whether George Reeves divorced Ann and at some point prior to his death about 1689 married Phoebe or he remarried without the formality of a divorce from Ann.


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