Reeves, Rebecca (c1675 VA -?)

Rebecca Reeves

Reeves, Rebecca


Father: Henry Reeves, Sr.
Mother: Elizabeth Bagnall

Birth: before 1670, Old Rappahannock County, Virginia
Birth Source: 1686 Will of Henry Reeves, Sr.

Death: circa 1703 UNDOCUMENTED
Death Source:

Spouse1: Israel Johnson, Old Rappahannock, Virginia
Spouse2: possibly Henry Goodman


Rebecca and Elizabeth were the only daughters of Henry Reeves, Sr. who are mentioned in his will as being over the age sixteen in 1686 when his will was written. Since Elizabeth Reeves married Thomas Sthresley as Sthresley family researchers believe which is documented by the court records of Essex County, then the daughter of Henry Reeves who married Israel Johnson must have been Rebecca. Israel Johnson was deceased before 1685 per the following from the court orders of Old Rappahannock County, VA:
Whereas the Relict of Israel Johnson of this county did personally in open Court relinquish her right of administration on her deceased husbands estate, and whereas Mr. Henry Reeves, father of the relict, petitioned the Court for administration on the said estate as greatest creditor, this court have herefore granted administration on the estate of the sd. Israel Johnson unto the said Mr. Henry Reeves, (Old) Rappahannock County, April 1, 1685.

Research Notes

Very little is known of the life of Rebecca Reeves other than the early death of her first husband Israel Johnson, however recently discovered information relative to the marriage of a Rebecca Reeves of Essex County, born circa 1673 in Rappahannock, Essex County, Virginia to a Henry Goodman has produced leads that may provide more information. At present no documentation can be found of this marriage. This theory is currently based solely on undocumented family trees in Ancestry, Family Search and Geni which lack source information and have other flaws. However it is worth investigating due to other inferential data. Both Rebecca Reeves and Henry Goodman reportedly had origins which connected them to Isle of Wight and Nansemond counties in Virginia. Mary Elizabeth Goodman, born July 1693, who married William Whitfield of Gates and Lenoir Counties in North Carolina is believed to be their daughter.

Rebecca Reeves Goodman is said to have died around 1703. Her mother Elizabeth Reeves named her daughter Rebeckah in her 1709 will; however, she is not named in the probate documents of the will in 1711 which may indicate she was deceased by that time. This connection needs to be thoroughly investigated.


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Court Orders 1683-1686 p. 81 of (Old) Rappahannock VA
1709 Will of Elizabeth Reeves, Essex County, Virginia

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