1658 Will - Valentine Reeves - proved 1658


Will of Valentine Reeves (d.1658) of Nursling, Hants.


The will of Valentine Reeves, blacksmith, of Nursling, Hants. Made 5 May 1658; proved 10 Dec 1658, Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

Transcript or Summary

In the name of God amen, May the fifth anno domini one thousand six hundred fifty eight, I Valentine Reeves of the Parish of Nutshelling, in the County of Southampton, blacksmith, being weak and infirm in my body but of perfect mind and memory (blessed by God) and finding by the declining of my strength that my days hereupon earth cannot be many, I do therefore while I have time constitute, ordain and make this my last will and testament (all former wills being revoked) bequeathing my soul to Almighty God hoping to be saved by the merits and mediation, by the death and passion of the Lord Jesus Christ, and my body to the earth to be buried in the Church of Eling were by former wife and daughter are interred, and for such worldly goods as it hath pleased the Lord in his goodness and mercy to bestow upon me here in this life, I give and bequeath as follows: Imprimis, I give to my brother William Reeves forty shillings. Item, I give to my brother George Reeves forty shillings. Item, I give to Mary the heir of John Brooker formerly of Hill, in the Parish of Millbrook (of which John Brooker I held a living by mortgage in the Parish of Upham) I give unto her five pounds with such writings as I have which do concern her, or the said living, which money and writings shall be paid and delivered within seven months after my decease, with this proviso and condition, that she and her husband receive it quietly and give my executors hereafter mentioned a general acquittance and not causing any suit in law to be commenced against them, but if she shall not perform the said conditions, then they shall not have the said five pounds. Item, I give to my sister Katherine Horne two pounds. Item, I give ten shillings to the Church of Eling, to be bestowed upon a new covering for the pulpit cushion. Item, I give to my wife Bridgett Reeves the bed in the fore-chamber and all things belonging thereunto, and also I give her one bond of fifteen pounds which her brother Laurence Frampton owes unto me. Item, I give unto my son Lionell Reeves the bed in the chamber next to the fore-chamber with all thereunto belonging, and all my tools in the shop in general, and twenty pounds in money. Item, I give unto Richard Gregorie senior of Eling one pound to be paid within one month after my decease. Item, I give unto Edward Fuller of Redbridge two shillings. Item, I give to James Fuller of Totton one pound. Item, I give unto John Bernard of Eling, minister, ten shillings to bury me. Item, I give unto Jean Reeves daughter of my brother George Reeves two pounds to be paid to her parents within one month after my decease, whose acquittance shall be a sufficient discharge to my executors. Item, my will is that such legacies as I have given, and for the payment of which no time is expressed, they shall be paid within six month after my decease. All my other goods, chattels and cattle (not given, not bequeathed, my debts, funeral, and legacies discharged) I give and bequeath to my wife Bridgett and my son Lionell, whom I do make joint executors of this my last will and testament, but I do make my wife executrix with my son upon condition that she shall within six months after my decease surrender to my son Lionell, one living I have in Michaelmas (ed. Michelmersh) which will fall to her upon my decease, and in case she shall not make such surrender as before expressed, then my son Lionell shall be sole executor of this my will, and my wife have nothing to do in the executorship, and my will is that if my son Lionell shall die before he come to the age of twenty and one years, and not be married, then his portion and share to be equally divided amongst my brothers children, but if he shall be married then to remain to his wife, and I do entreat and desire my loving friends John Bernard of Eling, minister, and Edward Newman senior of the same Parish to be overseers of this my will hoping they will be aiding and assisting in all things convenient for the performance of my above mentioned desires, and for their love and care herein I give each of them one shilling and six pence to buy them gloves, and in testimony that this is my last will and testament I have the day and year first above written, being May fifth anno domini one thousand six hundred fifty eight hereunto set my hand and seal adding only this, that is is my hearts desire that my wife and son (after my decease) will live lovingly and quietly together. Valentine Reeves. Signed, sealed and published in the presence and audience of us, John Bernard, clerk, Giles Pierce's mark.


Transcription of will from TNA pdf.

Named family members:
William Reeves brother
George Reeves brother
Katherine Horne sister
Bridgett Reeves wife
Laurence Frampton wife's brother
Lionell Reeves son
Jean Reeves daughter of brother George Reeves

Other named individuals:
Mary the heir of John Brooker formerly of Hill in the Parish of Millbrook
Richard Gregorie senior of Eling
Edward Fuller of Redbridge
James Fuller of Totton
John Bernard of Eling, minister, overseer of will, and witness to will
Edward Newman senior of Eling, overseer of will
Giles Pierce witness to will


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