1680 Will - William Reeve


1680 Will - William Reeve


Dated: 1680 (year only visible), Little Clacton, Essex
Probated: Commissary of Bishop of London, 10 Jan 1681/2


In ye name of God Amen I Willm Reeve of Little Clackton beinge now in good & perfeckt memory blessed be Almighty God doe hereby marke my last will & testament as followeth Imprimis I doe give & bequeath my soule into ye hands of Allmighty God ye gave me it hopinge to inioy everlasting life through Jesus Christ my redeamour & saviour & my body to be decently buried accordinge to ye discresion of my executor & supvousor as follows Imprimis I doe macke my daughter Mary Reeve my full & sole executor & doe give unto her all my goods moveables & chattels exceptinge sum small matter which I shall give unto my suprovisor in manner & form as followeth & Allsoe I doe order & appoint George Ffeild of Much Clackton Senior to be my suprovisor & to order & dispose of whatsoever goods moveables & chattles I shall leave behind my when I shall depart this world for ye use of my daughter & to settle it fully upon her according as I now shall appoint First I doe order George Ffeild if yt soe sone as ye breath shall be out of my body yt he doe imediately enter & tacke possession of all my good moveables & chattells within dores & without & macke sale of them & within jtwelve monthes lay out what money he shall sayle? of them into land & settle it fully upon my daughter Mary Reeve & her heires for ever only exceptinge what plate & brase & pewter linninge & woollinge & wearinge apparell which was my wifes I doe order George Ffeild to reserve & keepe for my daughter untill such time as she shall marry or accomplish ye age of one & twenty yeares which thems first & allsoe my beddinge & then to faith fully & truly to deliver it all to her with out any trouble or charge & if it shall happen yt my daughter shall depart this world before she shall marry or accomplish ye age of one & twenty yeares I doe allsoe order ye Mary Dammunt? ye younger beinge my owen sisters daughter shall be next heire unto yt land which shall be bought imediately after ye decease of my daughter & alssoe if Mary Demmund ye younger shall depart this life before she marry or be one & twenty yeares ould then I doe give ye land unto my sister Mary Dammund ye elder & to her heirs lawfully begotten of her body for every & if she shall leave noe heires lawfully begotten of her body behind her then imediately after her decease I doe give yt land unto George Feild my suprovisor & his heires for ever & allsoe if my daughter Mary Reeve doe depart this world before she marry or be one & twenty years of age then I doe give unto Willm Feild sunn of George Feild my suprovisor all my plate & brase & pewter lininge & woolling & bedings & wearinge apparell to him & his heires for ever or for wants of heirs to ye next heires of George Feild my suprovisor & allsoe for ye clare & charge which I shall have upon George Feild my suprovisor in tackings ? of my daughter & what I have for her use I doe frely give unto ye sd George Feild my surpovisor ten pounds for him to ? himself out of what estate I shall leave imediately after my decease.
In witness hereto I have set my hand & ......
yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred & eighty
Willm Reeve
sealed in ye presence of
Tho Cosin
Mary (her mark) Mclussen?
John (his mark) Nuttill

January 10: 1681
Then George Field ye within named suprovisor was sworn well & truly to administer &charge
before me W H Shellon Surr


Essex Archives - D/ABW 70/154