Richmond Co., VA -- 1694-1699 Court Orders

1694-1699 Court Order Book 2

Richmond Co., VA Court Order Book 2, 1694-1699

Richmond Co., VA
Order Book 2, 1694-1699

(This book was transcribed by Ruth and Sam Sparacio (McLean, VA, 1991) and published in two installments, 1694-1697 and 1697-1699.)

8 April 1697: The action brought by Ralph Whiting astginst John Reves is dismist, the plaintiff saying it is done…. (Sparacio, 1694-1697, p. 134). This was probably John Reeves of Lancaster County.

7 July 1698: Order is granted to Mr. Hugh French against the Sheriff for the non-appearance of John Reves according to Declaration & c. Attachment hereon granted to the Sheriff. (Sparacio, 1697-1699, p. 53.) This was probably John Reeves of Lancaster County.

8 September 1698: The action brought by Hugh French against John Reves is dismist, the Declaration not being entered according to Law. (Sparacio, 1697-1699, p. 341). This was probably John Reeves of Lancaster County.

1 February 1698/9: Certificate according to Act of Assembly is granted to Thomas Rever of this County for taking a Runaway Negro woman belonging to Capt. Rodham Kenner of Northumberland County about the (blank) day of (blank) in the year of our lord 169(blank) the said Thomas Rever making Oath that he took up the said Negro woman ten miles for her said Masters Dwelling Plantation. (Sparacio, 1697-1699, p. 70.) This was probably Thomas Reeves of Richmond and Northumberland Counties.