1720 Removal Certificate - John Reeve


1720 Removal Certificate - John Reeves


To our Friends and Bretheren at Philadelphia in Pensylvania ( or elsewhere) In America
These Dear Friends
Whereas John Reeves of Whitby in the County of York Mariner A Member of this Meeting hath acquainted us with his Inentions of removing with his wife and family in order to settle in your pts of America
We doe therefore certifie all whom it may concerne that the said John Reeves and his wife, (so far as we know) have been in their conversation, very honest, and walked orderly according to the Truth professed by us, are in good Unity with faithfull friends; and clear from all Incumbrances so that we have nothing agaisnt their removall; But Desire their preservation, and that Friends where their lott may be cast, may receive them in that love and Unity which becomes all professing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ; With the Salutation of our Dear Love in the Blessed Truth We remain Your frds & Bretheren

Signed by Appointment & on Behalf of our Monthly Meeting for Scarborough held at Whitby this first day of the first Month 1719/20 By

Isaac Searth
Ruth Ffrost
George Widgett
Wm Linskill
Wm Willson
Jno Langsford?
George Wakefield
Francis Salkeld
John Walker
Henry Walker
Ingram Eskill
Joseph Frost
Rich Richardson
W Lotherington

Joseph Linskill
Henry Simpson
John ?laughan
George Wilson
Nathaniel Bell
Wm Gaskill
George Ward
Robt Bursglove
Joseph Gaskin
thomas Sanderson
William Taylor
Rachell Linskill

Thomas Simson
John Richardson
Reuben Sinskill
Robt Henderson
William Gott
Robert Weatherill?
Rogr Dickinson
Henry Simpson qur
Jane Scarth
Hannah Linskill
Ellis Nool?
Deborah Deckinson

Eliabeth Richardson senior
Elizabeth Walker
Esther Ffrost
Debor Salkeld
Sarah Ffoster
Ann Hudson
Elizabeth Vaughan
Martha Sandstable
Martha Widgett
Ann Brown
Rachel Wmson
Christian Batley?
Elizabeth Richardson Junr
Jane Frost

Katherine Lacy
Dorothy Reafman?


US Quaker Records, Philadelphia Monthly Meeting Minutes, 1714-1729, p203 (Ancestry)