1728 Deed - Mary Reeves to Matthew Hewlings

1728 Deed - Mary Reeves to Matthew Hewlings

1728 Deed - Mary Reeves to Matthew Hewlings


West Jersey Deeds Book Q, p348
23 Feb 1727/8


This Indenture made this Twenty third Day of February Annoq Domin One thousand seven hundred and twenty seven eight Between Mary Reeves of the Township of Northampton in the County of Burlington and western Division of the province of New Jersey widow of the one part and Matthew Hewlings her son late of the same place weaver of the other part - Witnesseth that the said Mary Reeves for and in consideration of the love good will and affection which I have and do bare toward my loving son Matthew Hewlings and for and in consideration of the sum of thirty pounds to me ye said Mary Reeves by my said son Matthew Hewlings at or before the ensealing and delivery hereof ye receipt whereof I di hereby ackowledge and my self therewith fully satisfied and contented, and thereof and of every part and parcel thereof Doth acquit release exonerate free and discharge my said son Mathew Hewlings his heirs execr administrators and assigns forever by these presents Have given granted bargained sold aliened enfeoffed released conveyed and confirmed and by these presents Do fully freely clearly absolutely give grant bargain sell aliene enfeoffe release convey confirm unto him the said Mathew Hewlings his heirs and assigns forever fifty four acres of land situate lying and being in the township County and Western Division of the province abovesaid and it being that tract and parcell of land which was surveyed and rekoned? for me the said Mary Reeves on the right of fifty four acres of land due to be taken up and surveyed which the said Mary Reeves purchased of Thomas Budd by a Deed of Indenture bearing date ye twenty third Day of November one thousand seven hundred and twenty seven relation thereunto being had will more at large appear which said fifty four acres being thus Bound Beginnign at a black oak corner to Joseph Davenik's land and runs by the same south west sixteen degrees twenty four chains to a pine corner standing on bank of the sd south Branch of Oneoeus Creek thence bounded up the said Creek South East forty nine Degrees seven chains thence south west twenty give degrees ten chains to the lower edge of the Bank of high land next to the land late of my Husband Jonathan Reeves which was his mothers, thence by the same south east thirty seven degrees eight chains thence north east forty degrees seven chains and a half to the land called Walter Reeves land? thence by the same north east forty nine degrees twenty seven chains to Revell Eltons white oak corner then by the said Eltons land northwest eighty seven degrees twenty three chains to Revell Eltons stake corner thence by his said land North East twenty Degrees Eighteen chains and an half to a Black Oak corner to Daniel Wills Jur land of Oneoeus thence by the same to ye Beginning black oak corner containing by the survey thereof fifty four acres with all arouned? for highway. be the same more or less together Allowith all the houses out houses barns stabkes orchards meadows pasture ground and improvements fences timber and trees ways waters mines minerals fishings fowlings huntings hawkings comodities hereditaments and appurtenances to the same belonging or in anywise appertaining to the hereby demised and bargained premises and of any and every part and parcell thereof also all the estate right title interest property possession claim and demand whatsoever of me the said Mary Reeves of in or unto the above granted and bargained premises with the reversion and remainder thereof To Have and to Hold ye above Granted and Bargained premises with the appurtenances unto him the said Mathew Hewlings his heirs and assigns forever To his hand their only proper use benefit and behoofe forevermore and the said Mary doth covenant promise grant and agree to and with him my said Son Mathew Hewlings his heirs and assigns by these presents That before the ensealing and Delivery hereof I am ye true sole and lawfull owner of the above granted and bargained premises and am lawfull seized and possessed of the same in mine own propper rights and good perfect and absolute estate of inheritance and have in my lett good right full power and lawfull and absolute authority to grant bargain and sell ye same in manner as aforesaid and that the said Matthew Hewlings his heirs and assigns hall and may from time to time and at all times forever hereafter by virtue of these presents peaceably and quietly have hold use occupy possess and enjoy the above granted and bargained premises with the appurtenances free and clear and freely and clearly exonerated acquited and discharged of and from all manner of former gifts grants bargains sales leases mortgages wills entails joyntures dowrys judgments executions incumbrances and troubles whatsoever otherwise then the quit rent issuing out therefrom unto our sovereign Lord the King his heirs and successors and the arrearages thereof if any be In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the Day and year first above written 1727.
Mary Reeves by her mark (seal)

Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of us John Budd Jan Henry Jones Thomas Budd one of his majesties Judges of the County Courts for holding of pleas for the County of Burlington
Recorded this 16th July Dom 1761
Cha Read Secy


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