Edgecombe Co., NC 1732 Petition - William Reeves

1732 Petition - William Reeves

William Reeves Signed Petition

Note: The following petition is undated, but appears in the volume containing records from 1664 to 1734; and follows an entry dated November 11, 1732. A similar petition was filed by the citizens of Bertie Precinct.

Read the Petition of the Inhabitants of Edgecombe precinct which is in these words Videlicet

Petition of the Gentlemen of Edgecombe Precinct to alter the Seat of Government
To George Burrington Esqr. His Majestys Capt. General Governour and Commander in chief of the Province of North Carolina

We the Gentlemen and Freeholders of Edgecombe precinct think ourselves Extremely happy under your wise and prudent Administration the good order and peace we see now Established throughout this Province is a most convincing proof of your Excellencys Care and wisdom and deserves the thanks and gratefull Acknowledgment of all men in North Carolina

We are sencible Edenton is for many Reasons a very Inconvenient place for the Seat of Government and almost as much may be said against the settling it on Cape Fear River

Therefore we humbly desire and hope your Excellency will take proper measures for fixing the Seat of Government near the Center of the Province which we suppose is between Tar and Neuse River which will give a general Satisfaction to almost all the whole Province and greatly promote the speedy peopling the unsettled part of this Country increase the King’s Quitt Rents and Encourage Trade and Industry and be an Everlasting Demonstration of Goverour Burringtons Kindness to the Inhabitants of North Carolina

That you Sir may in health and happiness long Govern this Province are the Prayers of

Your Excellency most humble and most Obliged Servants

Tranker, James Simons, Will Williams, Pines Welding, Laurence Simcock, Edwd Robinson, Thos. Hodges, John Tapley, John Cotton, Willm. First, John Carpenter, Thos. Tapley, Willm. Reeves, John Robinson, Wm. Hamilton, Alexr. Beane, John Cor, Morris Orane, John Glover, Wm. Cullender, Joseph Richardson, Lewis Elliot, Silvester Estridge, John Gill, Jno. Doron, William Rusil, Chas. Merrit, Samll Murry, John Lew, Henry Anderson, Christ. Beane, James Moor, Benja. Joyner, Geo. Woodliff, Ricd Washington, John Mulkey, Philip Mulkey, Geo. Pace, Rodk. Pearce, Abrah. Ante, Thos. Perry, Danl. Kindal, Henry Jenning, Phil. Murray, Will. Williams Junior, William Paule, Wm. Bauldwin, Jno. Bobbett, William Dennis, Watkin Davis, Robt. Surloe, John Taylor, Thos. Goodson, Henry Guston, James Millikin, Jams. Thomspson, Thos. Jones, John Pratt, Jas. Dyal, Mathew Ruphen, Phillip Jackson, Lewis Davit, Robt. Humphreys, Robt. Humphreys Jr., Wm. Anderson, Thoms. Arrento, Richd Hainsworth Jr., Seth Vatcher, Thomas Hart, Jas. Brogden, John Smith, Robt. Ellis, Thoms. Riggin, Richd. Hill, Rob. Long Junior, Robt Warring, Jonathn. Wright, Will. Norwood, Berry Melton, Chas. McCulloe, Thos. Hicks, John Green, William Fish, Wm. Sturbidge, John Turner Senior, John Tayler, Edward Simons, Small Swaringham, Geo. Bollingson, Wm. Rushen, John Brooke, Wm. Hodges, Robt. Hodges, Danl Crawley,James Smith, John Rogers, Roger Case, Bat. Cheavers, John Branch, Thos. Bradford, W. Bulliloes, Thomas Blackman, Jno. Baldwin, Richd Merrick, Joseph Mechamp, Jas. Moore Junior, Alexr. Wright, William Moore, Walter Turburwell, Isheim Randolph, Nathan Joyner, Joseph Joyner, Gilbert Murray, Peter Ivey, Edward George, James Murray.

(A footnote states that another copy of the petition includes the names of William Whitehead, George Norris and Taphel Dyal.)


With permission, North Carolina Office of Archives and History, May 1, 2012. Robert J. Cain, and Kathleen B. Wyche, Records of the Executive Council, 1664-1734, Vol. 7, (1984) pp. 298 – 299. Available at http://nc-historical-publications.stores.yahoo.net/colonial-records-of-nc--2nd-series-.html.

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