Tapping Reeve Family Bible

Tapping Reeve Family Bible

Tapping Reeve Family Bible


Bible Printed and sold by Cillins, Perkins & Co. 1806
Owned by Tapping Reeve, Litchfield, Conn.

Tapping Reeve born Southold, L. I. Sept. 30, 1744
Sally Burr born Newark, N. J. May 3, 1754
Betsey Thompson born Watertown, Conn. Feb. 14, 1774

Amelia Ogden born 1779
Resident of Tapping Reeve family from her childhood, and in the same house, aged 87.

Tapping Reeve and Sally Burr were married at Fairfield, Connecticut June 24, 1772
Tapping Reeve married Betsey Thompson at Bethlehem, Conn. April 30, 1798.

Aaron Burr Reeve son of Sally and Tapping Reeve was born at Litchfield, Conn. Oct. 3, 1780.
Tapping Burr Reeve was born at Troy, N. Y. Aug. 11, 1809

Aaron Burr Reeve and Annabella Shedden of New York were married at Litchfield, Conn. Nov. 21, 1808.

Annabella Shedden was born at New York November 1787.

Sally Burr died at Litchfield, Conn. March 30, 1797.
Tapping Reeve died at Litchfield, Conn. Dec. 13, 1823 in his 80th year.
Amelia Ogden died at Litchfield, Conn. 1866.
Betsey Thompson Reeve died Dec. 8, 1842.
Aaron Burr Reeve died at Troy, N. Y. Sept, 1, 1809
Tapping Burr Reeve died at Litchfield, Conn. August 28, 1829


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