1746 POA - Daniel Roberts to Joseph Reeves

1746 POA - Daniel Roberts to Joseph Reeves

POA - Daniel Roberts to Joseph Reeves

Essex County, Virginia
Deed Book 24, pgs 61-62
15 Jul 1746


KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that I Daniel Roberts of Essex County in the Colony of Virginia Soldier do hereby assign ordain appoint authorize Constitute and in my Stead put place intrust appoint and depute my Loving Friend Joseph Reeves of the above said County and Colony Yeoman to be my true and Lawfull attorney for me and in my name and to my own proper use and benifit (sic) to ask demand and require me for Recover take full possession of my Lands with Sizine of all and Every part and parsell thereof as also Slaves to me belonging and to Receive all such debts dues Sume and sumes of money rent and rents arrearages yearly payments Legacies and any money due or to be due to me upon bond bill or upon any other account or amounts whatsoever as now are or hereafter shall become payable or belonging or to be delivered unto me by or from my person or persons whatsoever or wheresoever and to pay money for me and to Contract for me demise and Release to bargain sel Enfeoff and Confirm the sale of my Lands Slaves Tenements or hereditaments whatsoever and for default of the Delivery of any Lands Slaves or Tenements or payment of any rent or rents or other sum or sums of money or other thing or things to me due or belonging to use all Lawfull way and means for the recovery thereof by action Suit arrest Bill Plaint Attachment Distress Reentry or otherwise as fully and amply in Every Respect as I myself might or could do if I were personally Present and to Sue Impleud (sic?) make answer Prosecute and defend in any Court or Courts of Law or Equity and before any Judges or Justices in any Suite Matter or cause with me forms or against me as the cause in any of these cases shall Require to deal and intermeddle in all actions Suites affairs and businesses any ways Touching and Concerning me as my agent or otherwise giving and granting by these presents unto my said attorney full sole and Lawfull authority in the Execution of all and Singular the Premises and to Substitute and appoint one or more attorney or attornies in any of the Premises and the same again at his pleasure to Revoke and to make and give any acqittance (sic) Release or discharge upon the Recovery or Receipt of any Lands Slaves debts Sums of money rents or other Things whatsoever as the Matter or Cause Shall Require and generally to say to Execute Compound Conclude agree Determine and Finish all and Every other act or acts thing or things whatsoever which in or about the Premises Shall be Requisite or Needfull to be had made or done and that in as Large and ample manner and as fully and Effectually in and to all intents and Purposes as I myself might ought or could do if I were present in my own person Ratifying allowing and Confirming for firm Effectual and Irrevocable all and Singular and and (sic) whatsoever any said Attorney shall do or cause to be done in and about the premises by Virtue of these Presents IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the fifteen day of July in the nineteenth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the second King of great Britain &c and the year of our Lord Christ one Thousand Seven hundred and forty six ~
Signed Sealed and delivered     }                                                 Daniel Roberts (Seal)
In the presence of                       }
E Davis . . . . . . . .  }
John Latane          }
Tho.s T Roberts   }

AT A COURT held for Essex County at Tappahannock on the 15th day of July Anno Dom. 1746 ~
Daniel Roberts acknowledged this his power of attorney to Joseph Reeves to be his act and deed which on the motion of the said Joseph was admitted to Record and is Truly Recorded ~
                                                        Test ~
                                                                  John Lee CECourt


Essex County VA, Deed Book 24, pgs 61-62, scanned original images online at Family Search

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