Elijah Reeve Family Bible

Elijah Reeve Family Bible

Elijah Reeve Family Bible


Bible in possession of Mrs. Truman J. Moon, W. Main St., Middleetown, copied May, 1934 by Elizabeth Horton.

Bible printed by T. Wright & Gill; Printers to the University of Oxford. Sold by S. Crowder in Paternoster Row, London; & W. Jackson in Oxford. 1776.


Elijah Reeve, born Sep. 2, Old Stile in year of our Lord 1751.
This book a gift by Sarah Reeve, his step-mother. Here follows a record of the Lineage, marriage, Births and deaths of the said Elijah Reeve and his consorts and posterity.
Elijah Reeve departed this life resigned to the divine will the 26 day of nov. 1817 age 66 years, 3 mos. 6 das.
Elijah Reeve married to Mary, daughter of John Mickle Seybolt 25 Dec 1773.
Mary daughter to John Mickle Sybolt and 5th born, now of this place sometime of Wirtimburgh near the Rhine, Europe and married to Elijah Reeve Dec. 21, 1773 and departed this Life Resigned to the divine will, the 6th day of August at 5 o'clock A. M. 1783, a husband and 3 children Left Behind to deplore the loss which he Discried (?) at God's right hand to Find.
N. B. The word underlined above could not be clearly deciphered but it resembled Discried more that anything else.

Gabriel Reeve, 1st born of Elijah & Mary born 9 day July 1777; departed this life Feb. 21, 1824.
Keturah eldest dau. of Elijah & Mary Reeve, b. Aug 15, 1779, died July 4, 1799 (wife of Abraham Tracy - altho this not written in the Bible).
Frances b. April 30, 1782, Frances Newkirk, departed this life March 4, 1830.

Elijah Reeve Married 2nd Feb. 7, 1786 Mary Fox b. Feb. 20, 1756. She departed this life Sep. 11, ....
George F. Reeve b. 27 Nov. 1786
Elijah C. Reeve b. July 11, 1794 md. 14 Sept 1816 Rhodah Reeve. Her maiden name was Harding, (altho the Bible didn't give this) b. April 30, 1795.
Fanny Jane Reeve b. July 19, 1818 Fanny Jane Taylor departed this life Oct. 22, 1842.
Harvey Harding Reeve b. Jan 6, 1821 md. Eveline Seyblot.
Volney Reeve b. 23 Nov. 180-
Voltare Tracy Reeve b. Feb. 22, 1807
Elijah Barton Reeve b. June 19, 1810
Hugh Brent Reeve b. 4 Nov. 1812 d. July 1822
Fanny Ann Reeve.......


New York DAR GRC report; s2 v028: unpublished family bible records together with genealogical notes and other unpublished data, p115