Richard Reeves Family Bible

Richard Reeves Family Bible

Richard Reeves Family Bible


Reeves Family Bible formerly in possession of Henry Reeves of (blank) Iowa a grandson of George and gr. grandson son of Richard and gr gr grandson of Solomon Reeves Sr taken from a copy made by his (?) of Weisu?, Idaho, 1930. The house of Henry Reeves burned down 1935 and this bible is no longer in existance. It is interesting to note how both records agree as to names & dates
"Richard Reeves son of Solomon & Elizabeth Reeves b. Oct 15 1759 d. May 13 1846"
"Elizabeth Dix now Reeves dau of Nicholas & Lydia Dix was born Oct. 16 1768 d Apr 28 1836
"They were the father & mother of thirteen children"
"George Reeves b. Jan. 19 1789 d. Sep 15 1872"
"William Reeves b. Feb. 2 1791"
"Ruben Reeves b. Oct 30 1793"
"Noah Reeves b. Nov. 15 1795"
"David Reeves b. May 15 1797"
"Samuel Reeves b. July 18 1801"
"Richard Reeves b. March 24 1803"
"Solomon Reeves b. Nov. 24 1805"
"Lydia Reeves b. " " " twin to Solomon"
"Joseph Reeves b. Sept 2 1804"
"John Reeves b. Dec 15 1811"
"Isaac Reeves b. Jan 15 1814"
"Lorenzo Dow Reeves b. Oct 11 1817"
This is all that the page contained and the other page for (?) destroyed


Genealogical Society of New Jersey Bible and Family Records Collection - Item 4.488