Thomas Reeves Family Bible

Thomas Reeves Family Bible

Thomas Reeves Family Bible


This is from a copy with the typewritten note at the bottom stating that it was transcribed by "Jeanne W. Ulmer, date unknown; digital copy of transcription received from Debbie Roland, archivist, Calhoun County (South Carolina) Museum Archives, St. Mathews, South Carolina. The location and condition of the Bible are at present not known. The museum cannot vouch for the accuracy of Ms. Ulmer's transcription."


Pages from the REEVES family Bible.
Thomas Reeves, son of John & Elizabeth Reeves, born Aug. 17, 1767
Nellie Reeves, daughter of John Reeves, and Unity, his wife born Nov. 19, 1792
Annas Reeves, born Feb. 9. 1791
Catherine Reeves, born Dec 25, 1798
Thomas Bryant, born Dec 7, 1815 (had son McCrady Bryant, M. B.)
William, born Feb. 17, 1808
Ann Reeves, born Nov. 29th 1795
Joseph Harris Reeves, born Mar. 3, 1797 (grandfather of McCrady Bryant (M. B.)
Elizabeth Reeves, born Oct. 21, 1798 (married Hill, MB)
John Reeves, born Sept. 20, 1800
Silas Reeves, born July 30, 1802
Henry Reeves, born Apr. 20, 1804
Thomas Reeves, born Feb. 20, 1806
Vincent Reeves, born Dec. 19, 1807
Charles Reeves & Sarah Reeves, born Apr. 28, 1810
James Reeves, born Apr. 8, 1812
Thomas Bryant born Dec 7 1822
Susan Reeves born       died Sep. 7 1857
Thomas Reeves born Aug. 5 1767
Thomas Reeves died July 17, 1812
John Reeves born Feb. 6, 1769


From the Records of (Mrs. Herbert) Jeanne W. Ulmer. Calhoun County (South Carolina) Museum Archives, St. Mathews, South Carolina