Charles Bentley Family Bible

Charles Bentley Family Bible

Charles Bentley Family Bible


Selected pages from Bible Records of Charles Gillam Bentley who m. 2nd Susan Catherine Reaves


Stephen Reaves Father of William Reeves Born March 8th 1772 His wife Sarah Flowers - nee Sarah Reeves Born Sept 21st 1777 Stephen Reves died 22nd nov 1830: Sarah Reves died 8th of Sept 1843 Died Talbot Co Ga. Their son William Reaves born April 18 1805 - Died at Bentley Miss. Sarah Reaves (Williams wife was Born April ..(smudged)) Sarah Loakey nee Reaves whos parents was Benjamin Loakey & who married Paly Taylor lved in Ga Talbert Co Their son Benjamin Lee Reaves born Sept 21st 1831 Mary J Reeves Born Aug 31st 1833. J. J. Reaves Born may 30th 1835 Serena Elizabeth Reves Born Sept 25th 1839
Stephen Reaves Father of William Reaves came from England
Stephen Reaves wife moth of William Reaves came from Germany
Sarah Reaves wife of William was a daughter of Ben Lokey - Ben Lokey came from Scotland
Ben Lokey wife (Poley Taylor) was from Ireland

Infant of G G and Bentley June 23d 1881 was born June 17 1881
W S Bentley son of C G ad L C Bentley died Apr 5th 1896 near 8.00 o'clock P.M.
? C. G Bentley son of Jessie Hendison and .... died at 945 oclick April 11th 1917
Sisan C Bently wife of C G Bentley Daughter of William and Sarah Reaves died May 21st at 830PM 1928

C. G. Bentley was married to ? ? Bentley near Harkin? Feb 1863
C G Bentley was married to S C Bentley nee Reaves Oct 1873
Robt L Bentley was married to ..... Feb 2? 1884?
Jessie H Bentley was married to Ida Sh..... 1899?
....Bentley was married to W. T. .... Sept 26th 1906


Note that Bentley married Reaves in 1873, so it's likely that the Reaves entries are a summary that were added after that.


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