Isham Reavis Family Bible

Isham Reavis Family Bible

Isham Reavis Family Bible


Records of Family Bible of ISHAM REAVIS, born March 7, 1781.
The bible was published In 1818 by M. Cary and Son, 126 Chestnut
Street, Philadelphia Pa. Now in the possession of David B.
Reavis, 3157 Alter Road, Detroit 15, Michigan.
Records copied by Helen Gladish.

Isham Reavis was born in the year of our Lord, one thousand,
seven hundred and 81, in March the 7th day.
Tabitha Reavis was born January the first 1781
Cockrum was born April 21, 1827.
Harriet Elizabeth Crockrum was born October 13, 1829.
D. D. Lounsdale was born June 15th, 1829.

The age of Isham Reavis's Children
Dysea Reavis, my eldest, was born the 13th day of June 1803.
Elias Reavis was born June the 27th 1805.
Rachel Reavis was born December 30, 1807.
Martin Reavis was born April 25, 1810.
Eliza Reavis was born January 28, 1813.
J.G. Lounsdale was born December 10th,....
William Reavis was born August 29th, 1815.
Lucinda Reavis was born may 23, 1818.
Alexander Devin Reavis was born July 14th, 1820.

The age of M. Sharry and Patsy Sharry's Children.
The eldest John Sharry was born May 11, 1811
Green Sharry was born Sept. 24th, 1812.
Belinda Sharry was born August 6th 1814.
Sally Reavis was born April 21, 1818
Elizabeth Jane Sharry was born March 24th 1820.
Solomon Reavis was born July 15th, 1829.
Isham Reavis was born Nov. 14th, 1825.
Wm. A. Reavis was born July 28th, 1851.
John Q.A. Steel was born December 9th, 1829
Emily Ingram was born January 27th, 1815.
Dysea Reavis was born Sept. 18, 1833.
Harriet Elizabeth Reavis was born July 29, 1848.
Allen Wilson was born Dec. 8th, 1847.

Dysea Reavis was married to James Skelton, April 3, 1822
Rachel Reavis was married to Jordan Cockrum, Feb 26 in the year 1828
Eliza Reavis was married to Robert Steel Feb. 26 in the year 1829
William Reavis was married to Eleanor .. Burton Dec. 12th 1836.
John Lounsdale was married to Hattie Reavis, Aug. 21, 1867
Elias L. Reavis was married to Rebecca Ingram Nov. 25, 1824
A.D. Reavis was married to Jane Wilson Aug. 26, 1841.

Isham Reavis departed this life July 30th day 1825.
Robert Harris deceased this life Feb. 5th 1834.
Elias Reavis deceased this life Feb. 27th, in the year 1842.
Rachel Cockrum departed this life the 12th day of July 1836
In the triumph of religion, Martin Reavis departed this life July 18, 1836.
Departed this life on the .... 1847, William Reavis, son of Elias L. Reavis.
Elexander Devin Reavis departed this life Jan. 31st 1877
John G. Lounsdale died Oct 7, 1877