1784 Deed - Benjamin Sasser to Adam Reaves

1784 Deed from Benjamin Sasser to Adam Reaves

1784 Deed - Benjamin Sasser to Adam Reaves

Duplin County, North Carolina
Deed Book E, pgs 407-410
30 Dec 1784


Benjamin Sasser   }
        To                        Deed 300 Acres
Adam Reeves         }
This Indenture made the 30th day of December and in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and Eighty four, Between Benjamin Sasser of the province of No. Carolina in the County of (blank) of the one part and Adam Reaves of the other part Witnesseth that the said Benjamin Sasser for the valuable sum of fifty pounds to him in hand well and truly paid before the Sealing and Delivery of these presents the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge, himself to be fully Satisfied and paid and he doth hereby Acquit and Discharge the said Adam Reaves his heirs Executors administrators and assigns hath Granted Bargained Sold conveyed and confirmed and for himself his heirs Executors Administrators doth fully freely and absolutely Grant, Bargain, Sell convey and forever confirm unto the said Adam Reaves his heirs or Assigns one Certain Tract or parcel of Land containing Three hundred acres of land lying and being on the No. side of the No. East branch of Cape Fare (sic) River and on the head of monses branch Bounded as follows beginning at a white oak on Daniel Salmons line and runs thence along his line So 60, Wt. 164 poles to a small black oak and white oak by his Corner and Edmond Dunkens line thence No. 45 W. 50 poles to a Black oak a consented corner thence along a line of marked trees to a deep bottom and thence along a line of marked trees to the corner in the Patten thence along the giving line to a pine George Pools Corner thence to the beginning white oak Daniel Salmons line Containing three hundred acres of Land by Estimation be the same more or less it being part of two pattens to wit George Pools and Samuel Wards to have and to hold the said three hundred Acres of Land and premises with all the profits and benefits thereunto belonging in as full and ample a manner as the said Benjamin Sasser by his said might or Could Ejoy the same and the said Adam Reeves his heirs or assigns Yielding and paying such publik Dues as Shall become due for the same from time to time on which condition the said Adam Reaves to have hold use occupy possess and Enjoy the said three hundred acres of Land and all and Singular the premises above mentioned to the only use of him the said Adam Reaves his heirs or assigns forever and the said Benjamin Sasser doth father covenant and agree for himself his heirs Execurs. Administrators and Assigns to and with the said Adam Reaves his heirs and Assigns that he the said Benjamin Saser (sic) doth hereby warrant and forever Defend the said Land and premises above mentioned from the Lawfull Claim or Claims of any person or persons whatsoever and I the said Benjamin Saser (sic) Doth Engage for himself his heirs and assigns that hear they at the Reasonable request of the said Adam Reaves or his heirs or assigns. Give any Instrument of Writing for the making of the Right and Title of the Land and premises Unto the said Adam Reeves his heirs or assigns forever. In Witness whereof he the said Benjamin Saser hereunto Set his hand and Seal the day and Date first above Written –
Signed Sealed and Delivered   }                                                                           his
In Presence of Us                       }                                                         Benjamin X Sasser (Seal)
Edmond Dunkin         }
William Dunken         }
Isaac Dunken              }

State of No. Carolina  }         January Term 1792
Duplin County             }
            Then was the within proved in open Court by the Oath of William Dunken
            And Ordered to be Registered.
                                Test     W. Dickson C.C.


Wayne County, NC Deed Book E, pg 407-410, online scanned images at Family Search

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