Baltimore Co., MD - 1788 Luke Reeves bound to Thomas Brotherton

1788 Apprenticeship - Luke Raven Reeves

Luke Raven Reeves bound to Thomas Brotherton

Baltimore County, Maryland
Orphans Court Proceedings V2, Page 91
10 Dec 1788

Luke Raven Reeves an orphan Boy of the age of 15 years the 2d day of last April is is (sic) bound to Thomas Brotherton to learn the Trade of a Shoemaker to be taught to Read write and arithmetic as far as the rule of three to be found in sufficient Meat Drink Washing Lodging and apparel and at the expiration of his time Customary Freedom dues -

Luke and Avarilla Reeves appear to be the children of Josias Reeves and Letitia Raven. Josias died intestate in Baltimore, Maryland in 1787.
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