Reeves, Josias (c1735 MD - 1786 MD)


Reeves, Josias


Father: Unknown

Birth: c1735, probably Maryland
Birth Source: Estimate from date of marriage

Death: Mar 1786, Baltimore County, Maryland
Death Source: Admin of estate granted 18 Mar 1786

Spouse1: Letitia Raven, m. 11 Jan 1756, Baltimore County, Maryland


Children of Josias Reeves and Letitia Raven:
  1. Luke Raven Reeves, b. 1774
  2. Avarilla Reeves, b. 1776
In 1789, both Luke¹ and Avarilla² Reeves were bound out to Thomas Brotherton in Baltimore County.

The recorded inventory of Josias Reeves estate names Cassandra Reeves and Greenbery B. Barton as the next of kin. The identities of both are unknown.

In a 1727 deed executed by William Reaves for 100 acres in Baltimore County, a Luke Raven signed as witness. This may indicate a close association and points to William Reaves possibly being Josias's father.


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