Jackson Co., GA - 1816 Grant, Frederick Reeves

1816 Grant to Frederick Reeves

1816 Grant - Frederick Reeves

Grant of Land in Jackson County to Frederick Reeves

Warrant of Survey

Jackson County
By the Court of Justices for Jackson County
To Joseph Cunningham Esquire County Surveyor for said County
You are hereby Authorized & impowered to admeasure and lay out or cause to be admeasured and laid out unto Frederick Reeves who (illegible) in the state a tract of land in the County of Jackson which shall contain two hundred acres on his own headright taking especial care that the same has not heretofore been laid out any Person or Persons And you are also required to record the plat of the same in your office and transmit a copy thereof together with the warrant to the Surveyor General within two years from this date

Given under my hand as Justice of said court this 4th day of July 1815.
David Witt J. J. C.
Hezekiah Gates J. J. C.
D. H. McClesky J. J. C.

W. Pentecost Clk

Back of Warrant

Frederick Reeves
200 Aces
No. 1
Executed 14th of August 1815
By Jos. T. Cunningham C. S.

Survey Abstract

Pg. 201
Jackson County

Survey for Frederick Reeves, July 4, 1815
Surveyed August 11, 1815 by Jas. T. Cunningham, C. S.

Chain Bearers
L. Reeves
F. Reeves

Plat contains 200 acres of “poor land”, bounded on northwest by Humphrey, unknown on southwest and unknown on south.


State of Georgia

By His Excellency David B. Mitchell Governor, and Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of this State, and of the Militia thereof.

To all to whom these Presents shall come, GREETINGS:

KNOW YE, That in Pursuance of the Act for opening the Land Office, and by virtue of the Powers in me vested, I HAVE given and granted, and by these Presents, in the Name and Behalf of the said State, DO give and grant unto Frederick Reeves his Heirs and Assigns forever, ALL that Tract or Parcel of Land, containing two hundred Acres, situate, lying, and being, in the County of Jackson in the said State, butting and bounding N. by Humphries and on all other sides by Unknown land.

having such Shape, Form, and Marks as appear by a Plat of the same hereunto annexed; together with all and singular the Rights, Members, and appurtenances thereof, whatsoever, to the said Tract or Parcel of Land belonging, or in any wise appertaining; and also all the Estate, Right, Title, Interest, Claim and Demand, of the State aforesaid, of, in, to, or out of the same: TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said Tract or Parcel of Land, and all and singular the Premises aforesaid, with their and every of their Rights, Members, and appurtenances, unto the said Frederick Reeves his Heirs and Assigns, to his and their own proper Use and Behoof forever, in Fee-Simple.

GIVEN under my Hand in Council, and the Great Seal of the said State, this twentieth Day of November in the Year of our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and & Sixteen and of the Independence of America the Forty First

Signed by his honor the President,             David B. Mitchell
the 20th day of November 1816

E. Woods S.E.D.
Registered the 20th day of November 1816

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