1817 Estate Settlement of Needham Grantham-John Reaves

Committee to Settle Estate of Needham Grantham-John Reaves

Wayne County, North Carolina
Record Book
Vol. 4
1816 - 1822
Contains Wills, Inventories & Settlements of Estates

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Wayne County Feby Co. 1817
Ordered that Asher Bizzell John Reaves & Sampson Edwards be a committee to settle & divide the Estate of Needham Grantham decd., with the widow & heirs and report to next Court.

In Obedience to an Order to us directed have this day settled with the Admr to the Estate of Needham Grantham decd and find due the Heirs of said decd form the Admr up to 21st of March 1817, Three Hundred & Sixty Eight & Ninety one Cents.

Sampson Edwards
Asher Bizzell
John Reaves

May Co. 1817 P. Hooks, Clk


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