1818 Probate - Estate of William Reeves

Estate of William Reeves

York County, South Carolina
11 Feb 1818
Estate Records Book B, Pg 80

February 11th 1818. Qualified Edmund Acock Administrator of the estate of Wm Reeves decd he having previously entered into a Bond of five Thousand Dollars with Josinah Garison & Wm. Baxter Securities for his faithful performance.
                   Benjm Chambers OYD

Case Nbr. 37, File #1568
South Carolina     §
York District         § By Benjamin Chambers Ordy of York District
Ordered that the personal estate of William Reives (sic) late of the District deceased be sold (by the Administrator of said Estate at his the decd former place of Residence at Publick vandue on a Credit of Twelve months he giving legal notice of Said Sale.
         Given under my hand & seal this 11th day of February 1818.
                   Benjm. Chambers OYD

15 Jan 1821
York County, South Carolina

Edmund Acock Administrator of the estate of William Reeves decd Settlement

     Dr the amt of Estate last Settlement
     Dr Balance of money Recd of John Reeves
     in Settlement of vouchers

Contra Credit -

     By William Wright Note & Interest
     William Wright's Note & Int
     The Amt of Cr Last Settlement
     Ordinary fees this Settmt

     TOTAL $358.26¾   

Sworn to Jany 15th 1821
                   Benjm Chambers OYD

28 Feb 1821
York County, South Carolina
Edmd Acock Admr of the estate of William Reves (sic) decd Settlement in addition to the Settlement of Jany 15 - 1821 make the above return on oath

     The Neat (sic net?) Amt at that time
     Add Wm. Wright's Note being a part due from the
     Estate of Kissah Reeves decd
     due 28 Feby 1821 for


     Dr By Rent for 2 years frd the Indcom (sic income?)
     Richard Ayers as f. receipts
     Admr Commissions
$ 8.50     

     Add 2 Years & 9 Mo Int on $220.67

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